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By: Qlikpower  05/12/2011
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The QlikView Small Business Edition Server is the version of QlikView which can be used in a client-server deployment for small to mid-size companies. When using this edition, the application analysis and processing would happen on the server side and the end-users would interact with the application from clients such as the desktop client or the browser based AJAX client. In this case, the processing load/in-memory requirement is on the server and the end-user machines would mainly be responsible for the presentation of data.

With QlikView Server, users no longer have direct access to the QlikView application. Users are first identified when accessing the QlikView portal (AccessPoint) and then get their own session of a document after their authorization has been verified. The AccessPoint is a web portal hosted by the QlikView Web Server displaying the applications available to the user.

In the server configuration the server takes care of the reload process. This way the connection to and stress on the data sources can be controlled effectively and multiple users can be granted access to the application without interfering with each other’s actions. Administrative access to the documents and the server environment is being provided centrally as well.

The main advantages of such a client-server deployment are:

  • Server manages reload process and stress on data sources
  • Multiple users can work simultaneously without interfering with each other
  • Scalable solution
  • Single point of entry for all documents by AccessPoint
  • Security

The other server edition of QlikView is the QlikView Enterprise Edition Server which is suitable for larger deployments with requirements of scalability, collaboration and advanced security integrations. The key differences in the QlikView Small Business Edition server, in comparison with the enterprise edition server, are:

•        Limited to max of 25 named users

•        No support for clustering (required for high availability/load balancing/scalability)

•        No support for server collaboration

•        Only supports Window Active Directory to handle security and access control

Keywords: Multiple Users

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