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By: Qlikpower  05/12/2011

The most flexible reporting and analysis tool for turning data into knowledge

QlikView is a general tool for interactive compilation, dynamic analysis and presentation of data extracted from one or many data sources. QlikView creates endless possibilities of making ad hoc queries in a non-hierarchical data structure. This is made possible by AQL - (Associative Query Logic) - for automatically associating values in the internal QlikView database.

Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible. Due to the problematic process of turning data into knowledge, most organisations today find themselves being "data-rich" but "information-poor".
The automatic associations of QlikView create endless possibilities for making ad hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies, as is typical in other data analysis tools. QlikView promotes unrestricted analysis of application data, helping users make time-saving and accurate decisions.
QlikView is very easy to implement and use. It can be installed in a productive environment in days (not months) and users are trained in a couple of hours (not days). The cost benefits that it offers are therefore significant.

Key Features

  • Highly intuitive interface that encourages exploration. 
  • Short learning curve and high user acceptance. 
  • Predefined templates that provide even faster deployment and ROI. 
  • Multiple deployment scenarios that support both centralised and decentralised configurations or both 
  • Fully integrated data extraction and load facility that integrates all data sources. 
  • Powerful data cleansing functions. 
  • Rapid data loads - millions of records can be loaded in minutes. 
  • Revolutionary Associated Query Logic (AQL) that removes the need for OLAP cubes and can eliminate the need for a data warehouse

You finally have the freedom to ask questions that you could not predict in advance

QlikView - What is AQL?

Traditional OLAP technology was good enough at the time it was developed, but it has some major disadvantages. OLAP-based Hypercubes limit users to a small number of dimensions. Measures have to be defined when the application is developed and redefinition of a measure is time-consuming. The user interface is complicated for non-IT people to understand. Bottom line is that OLAP-based Hypercubes and Data Warehouses are expensive and time-consuming solutions to install.

QlikTech's patented AQL (Associative Query Logic) technology works in a different way, by building and maintaining a non-relational, associative and highly space efficient database that resides in RAM. The advantage of the AQL architecture is that the source data is retained and immediately available offline for analysis, all the way down to the source transactions. The result is powerful analytical capabilities provided through a highly intuitive user interface that encourages exploration and creativity.

Integration of many different data sources

QlikView supports many different business areas and is a perfect tool for integrating various data sources. It is also well suited for bridging the gap between old and new systems. The important thing for QlikView is the data, not the system storing it.
In a single, SQL-like script, QlikView lets you integrate data from OLEDB, ODBC, Excel files, text files, AS/400, HTML and XML. The program will also let you export data in a number of formats as well as serve as a data source for other programs.

QlikView is a comprehensive business intelligence platform providing powerful business analytics to a broad range of users throughout the organisation. The QlikView suite is designed for application development and data extractions, efficient information distribution and powerful analysis for either the power user or end-user. QlikView can be deployed both offline and online leveraging a range of industry leading technologies.

Data Extraction

QLIKVIEW DEVELOPER - For the Developer

At the core of all QlikView implementations is QlikView Developer. Designed for the developer and advanced user, it enables connection to and integration of data from any data source.  The QlikView script handles over 200 functions for manipulation, cleansing and concatenation thereby providing a powerful software platform for developing and deploying flexible analytics, performance and business management applications.

Data Analysis


QlikView Professional lets the power users build or modify the layout of the QlikView application.   The easy-to-use environment enables the personalisation of applications as well as providing mobility for those needing the ability to analyze off-line.


QlikView Analyzer lets people connect to any QlikView Server in order to do analysis and reporting in QlikView applications.  Users can be trained in minutes and the ability to analyze by both a Web environment and off-line makes it ideal for the travelling workforce.

Data Distribution


With today's distributed workforce, QlikView Server provides a simple way for organisations to ensure that everyone has access to the latest data and analysis regarding of their location.  Multiple client options - AJAX zero-footprint, Windows, ActiveX Plug-in or Java - means QlikView applications can be deployed across intranets, extranets and the Internet with QlikView Server, providing cost- effective access for end-users while maintaining centralised control over access and security.


QlikView Publisher ensures that the right information reaches the right user at the right time.  Developed for larger user environments, QlikView Publisher gives further centralised administration and management.  QlikView Publisher allows for complete control of the distribution of a company's QlikView applications through QlikView AccessPoint also automating the data refresh process.

Other products and services from Qlikpower


QlikView Workbench

It is a drag-and-drop web integration toolkit that combines the flexibility of a powerful QlikView application programming interface with the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, Visual Studio integrated development environment. QlikView Workbench is a Microsoft Visual Studio® plug-in that enables content developers to create powerful, web-based QlikView mashups.


QlikView on your iPhone | QlikPower

It fully leverages iPhone's native multitouch and GPS features, resulting in a groundbreaking app that puts the power of QlikView's sophisticated real-time business answers in the hands of iPhone users. QlikView for iPhone delivers the first, truly interactive, mobile BI app built specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone client uses a standard user CAL (Client Access License). Add details for accessing your QlikView Server.


QlikView on your iPad

We do, however, provide access to our public demo server, demo.qlikview.com, by default on the iPhone and iPod touch client. This is the first truly interactive mobile BI application built from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod touch. QlikView Business Intelligence software allows you to quickly and easily get answers to business questions. QlikView for the iPhone and iPod touch allows users to access analysis on a QlikView Server.


QlikView Small Business Edition

The other server edition of QlikView is the QlikView Enterprise Edition Server which is suitable for larger deployments with requirements of scalability, collaboration and advanced security integrations. The application analysis and processing would happen on the server side and the end-users would interact with the application from clients such as the desktop client or the browser based AJAX client.


QlikView Publisher

QlikView Publisher helps organizations balance the need for widespread distribution of analytic functionality and reports with the requirement to maintain centralized control and administration of sensitive corporate data. QlikView Publisher, an optional module for QlikView Server, is a scheduling, administration, and management tool that provides a single control point for QlikView analytics applications and reports.


QlikPower Products | QlikView Partner

SiliconCloud use HubSpot software to help your company get found by the qualified prospects that are looking for the products or services that you provide. QlikPower offer Business Intelligence tools,Inbound Marketing and Treasury Management Solutions. It lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions. QlikView is a new kind of Business Intelligence software that changes your world.