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By: Qas  05/12/2011

"Not only has it reduced our costs, but it also means that staff can focus on taking orders and boosting customer satisfaction."
Ian Cavey, E-commerce manager at Harcourt Education

Website forms can be a headache for web and intranet managers. With too many steps hindering page conversion and information entered into website forms often incomplete or containing errors, the requirement for streamlining online processes has increased. QAS Pro Web, a front-end address capture solution, is a simple way of removing one step from the form.

As well as removing repetitive form-filling from your site and streamlining the 'checkout' process, QAS Pro Web ensures the information you capture is accurate. Integrating seamlessly into your website and browser based applications, you can be confident in accurate data at point of entry.

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Professional Services for Data Strategy

Our Professional Services consultants are dedicated to analysing your specific needs, drafting proposals, creating proof-of-concept applications and delivering robust solutions tailored to exact requirements. Our TAPĀ® certified trainers can deliver courses on all Experian QAS solutions, including out-of-the box products and custom-built applications.


Address Validation

Getting data correct at the point of entry, in a standard format, removes the requirement for standardisation when merging legacy systems at a later date. Postcode and address software reduces the risk of a contact record being incorrectly spelt or inaccurately entered into your database. Postal Data in the Republic of Ireland can be a challenge to capture accurately, as a single address may have many valid variants.


Contact Data Management Solutions

Whether you are a multi-national corporation, public sector organisation or a small business, we can help you manage your data quality. Our Professional Services team ensure that all your requirements are met and you get the most out of your investment in QAS products. Using our capture products improves accuracy, saves time on manual entry, and improves customer experience and perception.


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Your data is arguably your most important asset. Capturing Name and Address Data.