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By: Qas  05/12/2011
Keywords: data capture, Data Accuracy

Collect correct addresses to save money and improve your customer service

Postal Data in the Republic of Ireland can be a challenge to capture accurately, as a single address may have many valid variants. Using QAS Pro, an address in the Republic of Ireland can be instantly returned from minimal data entry.

Fast, accurate address data capture

Postcode and address software reduces the risk of a contact record being incorrectly spelt or inaccurately entered into your database.

Effective profiling and segmentation

Accurate and consistent records make database analysis and reporting easier. Add valuable residential and business information to your records at the point of collection.

Improved customer perception and service

Recording a full name and address from minimal information leads to a professional, efficient first impression, eliminating problems of misheard, incorrectly spelt or badly written information.

Reduced costs

All communications will be addressed correctly, reducing administration costs associated with undelivered or late goods.

Continuous data accuracy

Regular data updates are provided to ensure you capture the most accurate and up to date data. For example updates are available monthly or quarterly for the UK Postcode Address File data.

Key features of QAS Pro address software include

Improved data quality

  • A complete and accurate address is returned from minimal address information, searched for and validated against the postal address file for that country. Search by postcode and premise number, or find a postcode using other elements of the address.
  • Addresses are formatted to a standard you specify
  • Saves up to 80% of the key strokes required to record an address
  • Getting data correct at the point of entry, in a standard format, removes the requirement for standardisation when merging legacy systems at a later date

Customised and accurate formatting

  • A full address can be pasted it into an underlying application
  • Addresses are formatted to a standard you specify
  • Access to international address data files
  • Available in English, French, German and Dutch

Flexible implementation

  • Flexible implementation options to ensure a swift and seamless integration
  • Customised implementation options for major applications - including SAS, SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Microsoft CRM, Goldmine

Minimal training required

  • Search prompts guide users through each stage
  • Training for the trainers is available on site

Address software that is simple to use, install and integrate

Easy to install and available on Windows 2000 and above, Unix, AS/400 and IBM and ICL mainframes.

The QAS Pro address software can be used as a Plug & Go desktop installation or via the QAS API - in stand-alone, client-server or Web-based integrations.

If you are an existing pre-Version 4 (V4) Pro user, please note that this version has been superseded by a significantly upgraded version, V6.

Due to this upgrade, we are unable to provide ongoing support for your pre-V4 licence.

Upgrading your software to QAS V6 will bring many additional benefits that will support your contact data management practices.

How it works

The official postal or preferred address is captured by searching and validating against the address data file and can then be pasted into any underlying application.

This ensures that the correct customer address is captured and returned first time.

Keywords: Data Accuracy, data capture,

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