By: Public Sector Retirement Advisors  05/12/2011
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PSRA can advise on a wide range of savings and investment products and recommend an appropriate product given your financial situation. A full financial fact-find and investment review is undertaken to ensure a complete fit between your investment experience and existing investments, your attitude to risk, your expected return, the time frames involved and your investment goals.

The range of savings and investment available will suit the requirements of most from those seeking the best deposit rate in the short term to those interested in capital growth over longer periods of time. Indeed for many of PSRA's clients a combination of products is the appropriate path.  

PSRA advise on

  • Deposits - find the best available rate for your savings.
  • Capital Guaranteed Bonds - for those who want 100% capital guarantee on their original investment yet also aim to outperform the deposit rates currently available.
    • Also available are bonds where the majority of the amount invested is guaranteed, say 80% - 90%, and in return seek a higher potential rate of return.
  • Equity Based Investments - for those wishing to invest in the stock markets and seek long term capital growth.
  • Specialist Investments such as;
    • Green Investments
    • Ethical Investments
    • Sharia Compliant Investments
    • Emerging Markets
    • Commodities
    • Self-Directed Investments
  • Regular Savings Plans - in particular to meet children's future education cost or as a replacement to SSIA saving that you may have been making.
  • Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs) - a key financial product to be investigated closely for those about to or recently retired.
    • It can bring great benefits on terms of access to money in retirement, allow for astute taxation planning and provide a method to estate money to spouses or children. 
    • With the large variety of ARFs available on the it is important to choose the right one for you. Good potential for growth, minimum charges and excellent on-going service and advice are key here. 
    • Note you do not have to invest in an ARF with your AVC provider. Have an independent adviser search the market on your behalf.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may get back less than you put in.

Keywords: Approved Retirement Funds, retirement, Retirement Funds

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