By: PSL  05/12/2011

Through the aggregation of the purchasing volume of our clients and constant negotiation over price with suppliers, as well as a number of other means, we are able to ensure that our clients can purchase goods at considerably lower than market price and with no resultant loss of quality or service.

Typically when we carry out a price matching exercise on behalf of a potential client our prices, on aggregate, will be 15% cheaper than those currently paid, even when the same suppliers are being used for exactly the same products. Once a potential client comes on board they will have access to these prices and will be able to realise identifiable and substantial savings.

We also enable clients to put more than one supplier in any product group onto a competitive pricing matrix (competitive tendering). This typically generates additional saving as it gives the client a real time survey as to which supplier is offering the cheapest price at any given time and allows the client to select that supplier on a day to day basis.

Working with such a diversity of suppliers and buyers in many different supply chain models provides PSL with constant access to a wealth of food price data and allows PSL to work with any given client to secure a “best in class” food purchasing solution.

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Having identified the opportunity for purchasing and operational efficiency savings PSL agree on a fair share of the savings to be retained against the services provided and can offer a flexible fee structure to fit each clients individual circumstances and needs.