Workplace Representation

By: Pseu  05/12/2011

The most important value of Union membership is that you gain a voice in the issues that affect you in the workplace and you are consulted about such issues. The Union keeps members

up-dated in Circulars and through Union publications.

Union members have easy access to a range of advice about pay and conditions and, should they ever require it, personal representation is available in times of difficulties.

In addition to the most important function of the Union in the workplace, membership of the PSEU confers rights of participation in a range of benefit schemes.

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Pursuit of personal injury cases where M.O.P. believe that there is a sustainable case, they will not charge until the matter is completed and if a case is not successful, they will not charge their own fees. The Union has had an arrangement for some years for the provisions of a range of legal services to members by Matheson, Ormsby, Prentice, 30 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, PH. Pays a retainer to M.O.P. who, in turn, will provide members with.