By: Provincial Sprinkler  05/12/2011
Keywords: Insurance Company, Pipework, Industrial Premises

Design and Planning

We offer the complete design of automatic sprinkler installations, deluge systems, gas systems, etc for BS EN12845, BS5306: PART 2, FMglobal and NFPA standards and if awarded a contract, we would then prepare detail working drawings of the proposed system, using the latest CAD technology, detailing runs of pipework, location of valves, etc. We cater for all requirements and should pumps and tanks be needed we would show location of pumphouse, size of pumps, reservoir and location and size of underground mains. These designs will be forwarded to the client for approval prior to any work being carried out. We offer a design-only service direct to clients or consulting engineers who wish to see the extent of the pipework system.

Installation and Maintenance

On completion of working drawings installation of the proposed system will be carried out by our highly experienced personnel. We can guarantee the system if and when required to become active, will operate effectively to combat the fire. Regular inspections to the system is advised to insure that the system remains in peak condition. We will give detailed instructions to the clientís representative on how to carry out weekly tests on the system which will comply with insurance company requirements. In addition, quarterly inspection and maintenance will be carried out under agreement with the client. However, should problems occur within the system we will be available to solve them.


Employing highly skilled fitters and welders, our modern workshop is extensively equipped to cater for Threading, Welding and Roll Grooving of pipework. Allied to this we carry a full range of spares and accessories, pipes, fittings, valves, sprinklers, pressure gauges and switches. While most pipework is fabricated in our workshop, we utilise our own mobile welding and threading equipment for on-site installation. The companyís vast experience in major sprinkler contracts together with these facilities is unequalled in the field of fire protection systems. .

Expertise and Experience

Since the company was formed in May 1980, our expertise has benefited companies by the installation of automatic fire-protection and fire alarm systems. We can design and install systems to protect commercial and industrial premises to comply with internationally recognised standards which include BS EN12845, BS5306: PART 2, FMglobal and NFPA as well as insurance or local authority regulations. Our specialised knowledge of sophisticated and basic systems can be used to combat individual fire risks. Statistics have shown the majority of fires occur when premises are unoccupied and so to cover this situation, water-based systems which extinguish or control the fire automatically are found to be the best method of protection. With this method, losses can be reduced to production or business caused by even a minor fire and therefore substantial reductions can be gained on insurance company premiums. .

Keywords: Industrial Premises, Insurance Company, Pipework, sprinkler