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By: Prominent  05/12/2011

ProMaqua offers its customers the benefit of all standard disinfection methods from a single source and as part of the Smart Disinfection system: UV treatment, ozone, chlorine dioxide, electrolysis, dosing of liquid disinfectants.

Our specialists, all with detailed sector knowledge, are able to put together the optimum process for any particular application. To select a suitable disinfection or oxidisation method, both costs and benefits must be weighted against specific requirements. In this respect, the following points are considered:

  • Disinfecting or oxidising strength
  • Cost for the chemicals to be used
  • Energy expense
  • Formation of disinfectant by-products

Disinfection methods

Depot effect A few days A few minutes None Many hours Many hours
Operating resources HCl & NaClO2 Air or oxygen, elec. energy Elec. energy NaCI (table salt), electrical energy  NaCI (table salt), electrical energy
Disinfection strength Strong Strongest Medium Medium Medium
pH value dependency None Low None Optimum effectiveness pH value in the range 6.5 to 7.5 Optimum effectiveness pH value in the range 6.5 to 7.5

Oxidation methods

Oxidation Of metals such as iron, manganese, arsenic in drinking water + +++ - + +
Oxidation Of organic impurities in drinking water + +++ - - -
Oxidation Of odorous substances in air scrubbers ++ +++ - - -
Decomposition Of chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone in production water - - +++ - -
Decomposition Of trihalomethanes in swimming pool water - +++ - - -
Decomposition Of chloramines in swimming pool water - +++ +++ - -

Scale: not suitable (-) to highly suitable (+++)

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