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By: Promat Spray  05/12/2011
Keywords: fire protection, Health Hazards, concrete structures

Promat has developed, for the tunnels industry, a range of integrated coating systems that restrict the effects of cellulosic hydrocarbon fires on tunnel structures, and improves the sound absorption performance on linings.

These systems incorporate product groups that include spray, trowel or roller-applied coatings, adhesives/keycoats and reinforcement/fixings.


Cafco FENDOLITE® MII is a spray applied, single package factory controlled premix, based on vermiculite and Portland cement.

Cafco FENDOLITE® MII produces a monolithic coating able to withstand the thermal shocks experienced in a high intensity hydrocarbon fire. Concrete structures in particular, will be protected from explosive spalling when coated with Cafco FENDOLITE® MII.

Although low in density, thus significantly reducing dead load, Cafco FENDOLITE® MII is highly durable and will not crack or spall under mechanical impact.

Cafco FENDOLITE® MII does not release toxic or hazardous fumes, and presents no known health hazards either before, during or after application. The surface may either be spray textured, roller or float finished.

Cafco FENDOLITE® MII is used for application on construction elements such as individual steel or concrete sections particularly where off-site application is required.


Cafco FENDOLITE® TG provides structural fire protection for application by trowel in interior and fully exposed environments.

Structures protected with Cafco FENDOLITE® TG have been internationally fire tested to provide up to 4 hours fire resistance. Cafco FENDOLITE® TG will not fail after the prescribed regulatory fire resistance period but will continue to afford a predictable measure of protected for the duration of the fire.

Cafco FENDOLITE® TG’s effectiveness will not be impaired or destroyed by the effects of water impingement (thermal shock) from fire hoses or sprinkler systems.

Cafco FENDOLITE® TG will remain in place and will not be affected by wind turbulence.

Cafco FENDOLITE® TG’s resistance to impact damage enables its specification within environments where durability is essential.

CAFCO® Plastic Coated Galvanised Mesh

CAFCO®  Plastic Coated Galvanised Mesh is a hexagonal mesh wire netting "reverse twist", galvanised after weaving and coated in blue plastic. The netting is embedded in the fire protection coating. It can be used with Cafco FENDOLITE®  MII Fire Protection Coating System.

Keywords: Class Coating, concrete structures, Fire Hoses, fire protection, fire resistance, Health Hazards, Impact Damage,

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Promat Spray Passive Fire Protection Products for the Construction, Hydrocarbon & Tunnelling Industries

Promat has developed, for the construction industry, a wide range of fireproofing systems that restricts the effects of cellulosic fire on building elements and whole structures. The system incorporate product groups that include spray or trowel applied coatings, intumescent paints, boarding, adhesives/keycoats, topcoats/sealers and reinforcement/fixings.


Promat Spray - Products for the Petrochemicals Industry

CAFCO® PSK 101 is a single pack, multi purpose synthetic latex, water based emulsion for use as a sealer over alkali sensitive primers or a keycoat and may be applied by spray, roller or brush. Cafco FENDOLITE® TG will not fail after the prescribed regulatory fire resistance period but will continue to afford a predictable measure of protected for the duration of the fire.


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CAFCO® SBR Bonding Latex forms part of the Cafco MANDOLITE® CP2 and Cafco MANDOLITE® HS3 passive fire protection systems, and is designed for application to primed steel or concrete substrates. CAFCO® 300 is a lightweight coating that provides very efficient fire resistance with minimal thickness to steel and concrete frames, metal floor and roof decks, and to return air plenums.