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By: Professional Overachievers  05/12/2011

B/Right Focus offers a number of results focussed solutions, from 1-day to 3-day workshops and 12 month coaching programmes. Each will make sure you achieve more clarity in your actions and focus on increasing productivity, passion and hopefully also your networth.

Workshop geared to narrowing down your time into purpose driven actions and clarifying your goals to the point of inevitability and result.

  • 3-day Focus Challenge Intensive:

In this workshop we will not only work on clarifying your goals and purpose, but equally challenge your unhelpful behaviours, beliefs and possibly other people & things that hold you back in achieving your ultimate results. We ask workshop participants to engage and immerse themselves in a fun and action filled 3 days, without external interruptions.

Our minimum 12-month long focus coaching programme, where we work with you individually to ensure you hit your next levels of achievement. Each year An Coppens will work with the top 20 clients personally. We suggest for best results to sign up for 3 years or longer, in the end of the day our level of intervention will decrease, but your level of success will continue to go up.