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By: Procoat  05/12/2011
Keywords: Fire Alarm, ceiling tiles, Physical Properties

Metal Ceilings 

A metal ceiling coating for metal pan and perforated tiles, vinyl, fibreglass, plastic faced plasterboard tiles. SteelCoat is a water based coating providing a non-bridging, Class ‘O’ fire rated, durable, cleanable surface. Available in matt or 20% gloss in a variety of colours.

Metal ceilings such as Burgess, Magnagrid and Luxalon provide indefinite life mechanically but the effects of environmental pollution, general soiling and oxidisation contributes to an often unacceptable ceiling surface.

Conventional Solutions

The use of general decorating practises, i.e. standard paints, will not restore the appearance of the ceiling. The physical properties of the ceiling tiles will be irreparably changed, bridging will occour sticking the tiles to the gridwork, blocking perforations and fissures, this also may affect the fire rating of the ceiling.

Cleaning will rarely provide an acceptable consistent finish.

Replacement is expensive and if only partial this creates an unsightly contrast between old and new tiles.

When relacing a ceiling it is necessary to have a number of contractors on site not only to remove and dump the ceiling but also to remove and refit the light fittings, fire alarm equipment,cctv equipment, intruder alarm equipment, paging system, sprinkler system etc.

The SteelCoat Process

The only system which effectively solves the problems associated with dirty metal ceilings is SteelCoat (STC009) metal ceiling restoration coating. SteelCoat is made to three formulations, 20% gloss RAL 9010, matt RAL 9010 and ultra white RAL 9003 provide a cost effective surface refurbishment.

The use of SteelCoat on metal ceilings will restore a consistent visual finish
generally resistant to soiling. A variety of colours (BS and RAL) a vailable upon request.

Service to the client

The process usually takes place outside of normal working hours. The area is masked and protected with a variety of tapes and continuous polythene sheeting to lights, walls, floors, furniture, etc. No need to remove any furniture.
The ceiling is then sprayed in-situ. The area treated can be reoccupied immediately after application and
de-masking as SteelCoat is water based and environmentally safe, with no disruption to normal working routine.

Keywords: Ceiling Restoration, ceiling tiles, Fire Alarm, Metal Ceiling, Physical Properties, polythene sheeting, sprinkler system

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Products :

Suspended ceiling tiles which are faded with age or discoloured can be recoated to the original brilliant white ceiling tiles surface without effecting the fire rating or the acoustic value of the ceiling tile. Our picture shows a ceiling in Dublin Airport which has been partially coated using ProCoat Suspended Ceiling Coatings. Don’t bin your suspended ceiling, recoat for a lot less.


ProCoat :

Suitable for suspended mineral fibre ceilings and plaster ceiling tiles, ProCoat is a unique one-coat treatment, odourless, environmentally friendly, water based, Class ‘O’ fire rated, non-bridging(will not clog fissures or stick tiles to metal grid sections).Available in a variety of colours.