Dog Boots That Work

By: Pro-active Paws  05/12/2011

These boots are made with the leather 'sole' pad on the top and bottom of the boot to provide extra protection. The leather pad can be extended to suit the individual dog and boots are made to measure.

Used for dogs which drag their paws, or work or play in conditions where cuts occur to the top of the foot. A similar design is also used for dogs who have missing paws or toes.

A similar style is used for dogs that swim a lot, since such dogs often wear the top of the paws on the sides of swimming pools

Dragging paws can be caused by a number of conditions including::

CDRM (common in herding breeds)
Spondylitis (treatable with antibiotics)

It is important to make sure that you have the correct diagnosis.

Our boots do not cure any of these conditions, but prevent damage to the paws from dragging.