Primecore - Project Management Best Practice

By: Primecore  05/12/2011

The Primecore team has supported many internationally recognized companies with the development of ‘best in class’ processes for program & project management.

When providing this support Primecore will:

  • Develop processes appropriate to the size and complexity of the programs and projects being implemented
  • Support the generation of  standard: processes; guidelines and templates
  • Provide clear direction on required roles and competencies
  • Heighten resource planning visibility; allocation and management processes
  • Put in place systems for effective: scope; cost and schedule control

Primecore will typically recommend that projects are divided into a series of ‘project stages’ each separated by decision points often referred to as ‘gates’

Each stage will have predefined: objectives; activities & deliverables.

Depending on scale & complexity program/project stages will typically include:

  • Initiation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept development
  • Detailed scope definition and approval (Basis of Design)
  • Program/Project execution
  • Program/Project close out


Other products and services from Primecore


Primecore - Portfolio Management

Primecore will help your company to execute large Programs and Projects in-line with ‘Industry Best Practice’. Success depends on the mutual understanding between the contract manufacturer and the customers. Technology Transfer is building a knowledge bridge between the sending and receiving units.


Primecore - Program Management

It is managing a set of related and typically interdependent projects that together with certain planned business changedelivers the business benefits that achieve a significant business objective. Primecore can partner with the client to ensure that within each program the 'right projects' are identified and effectively executed, consistent with the overall strategic portfolio.


Primecore - Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management is a business process focused on selecting and managing an organization’s set of projects in a way that optimizes available resources to meet specific objectives and deliver business value. Primecore’s advisors have experience working with client teams to develop robust Portfolio Management processes which.


Primecore - Benefits Realization Management

Our processes and tools practically and pragmatically applied to portfolio and program management provide you with powerful capability to deliver both the financial and non financial benefits from your scarce resources. Industry data indicates that up to 60% of project investments fail to deliver the anticipated business benefits – our BRM approach addresses this huge waste of resources – money and people.


Primecore - Program and Project Charters

Each Project Charter will be maintained in a current status through the project lifecycle, to reflect: changes to the approved business case; scope changes; increased/reduced business or project risk; changes to key milestone dates. Primecore’s team of advisors has the expertise to translate business case objectives into a program charter, for execution by a project team. Identify the Program & associated Project goals.


Primecore - Team Roles & Responsibilities

Primecore will facilitate workshops to enable your program/project teamto clarify their individual and group roles and responsibilities so as to better align themselves with the program/project objectives. Lack of, or unclear roles and responsibilities for project team members, and lack of effective integration between sub teams, is the most common cause of project failure.


Primecore - Project & Program Evaluations

The evaluation includes a review of project documentation, interviews with key project participants, a project risk matrix, an interactive team session and a comprehensive report with recommendations. It allows an active project to be examined to determine its overall health and to identify specific actions to address significant problems or risks that are identified.