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By: Premier Embryos  05/12/2011
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Superovulation of Donor Cow and Flushing to recover Embryos

Superovulation remains the most economic method of producing Embryos for Transfer or Freezing.

The programme starts with observing a heat date in the donor cow or heifer, this is called the “Reference Heat”.

Superovulation treatment is with FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) administered twice daily for four days, commencing on Day 10, via intramuscular injection. On day 12 the donor will receive a shot of Prostaglandin to bring about ovulation. On day 14 the donor can be AI’d or serviced and a week later the embryos are recovered using a non surgical flushing techinique. This can be carried out on farm, using our mobile laboratory, or in our purpose built facilities in the clinic in Bandon.

We advise that all donors should be treated with prostaglandin 7 days after flushing in order to restart their cycles. Donors that are not intended to be reflushed should be put in calf on their first heat after flushing.

A Typical Superovulation Programme

Cows should be 2 months calved before flushing and preferably after 2 heats. Maiden heifers can be flushed after 15 months of age. The programme starts with observing a heat date in the donor cow or heifer, this is called the “Reference Heat”.

DAY 0 Reference Heat
DAY 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 Superovulation Treatment
DAY 14 Donor Cow on heat + Service
DAY 15 Second Service
DAY 21 Flushing and Transfer / Freezing
DAY 28 Prostaglandin Injection

Freezing of Embryos

The freezing of embryos allows flexibility for farmers as they don't have to be transferred immediately.

This is employed mainly by pedigree breeders as there may be a certain time of the year when calves would make more money or be suitable for showing at a later date.

This procedure is preformed by a skilled embryo technician.

Provision of Heat Synchronised Recipients

There are a number of ways to prepare recipients and this is explained in the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Premier Embryos reccomend a closed herd policy with regard to recipient heifers. If clients are unable to provide thier own recipients, there will be an inevitable increase in the risk of acquiring disease. However, if required, Premier Embryos can arrange the provision of recipients which can be purchased in calf following embryo transfer. More on this in the Frequently asked questions Page.

Embryo Transfer into Heat Syncrhonised Recipients

We can implant fresh or frozen embryos into Heat Synchronised Recipients.

Keywords: Embryos