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We provide the skills, methodology and experience that are necessary to meet specific requirements. Our interviewing and reference checking techniques along with our objective assessment provide us with the basis for minimising many of the risks inherent in selection of candidates.

To assist us in the selection and development of staff we can utilise technical and or psychometric assessment tools.

Our experience in interviewing is extensive.  We have designed and implemented best-practice recruitment and selection systems for organisations and we have assisted many in developing quality and defensible interviewing processes.

Our expertise has been used by many organisations in the public and private sector in the capacity of external / independent panel members for the interview process.  Our team of expert interviewers is available to participate fully on interview panels as external interviewers nationwide. 


Outplacement is a practical support resource from professional consultants designed to help people who have to leave a company, whether through redundancy or severance to move to the next stage in their careers.

Organisations often provide outplacement support to help people going through individual or large scale job redundancy or significant corporate change.

PRC Resources believes that Outplacement support covers the following areas:

(a)    Coming to terms with redundancy.

As well as the provision of a financial package, we believe that companies will offer an emotional support to employees facing redundancy. This recognises the difficulty that people endure on redundancy. These difficulties can include an erosion of self worth as well as a fear of the future. PRC can assist with the job counseling aspect of coming to terms with redundancy

(b)   Job Search Strategy

This strategy involves the definition and analysis of employees current skills and strength relative to job requirements and the assessment of any need for further training. PRC can provide Psychometric Testing in order to evaluate a persons current skill set. PRC Resources can also assist in searching for alternative employment in terms of identifying and using sources such as Newspapers, Job boards, networking peers and groups, recruitment agencies etc.

(c)   CV Preparation

PRC Resources can advise on the importance of preparing as good and relevant a CV as is possible. This will cover content, layout, length as well as common misconceptions in drafting CVs.

(d)   Interview Techniques

PRC Resources can assist in preparing for interviews so as to perform to one’s full potential. The key to successful interviews is proper preparation. PRC Resources have many years experience in preparing people for successful interviews and we can assist in ensuring that people will do as well as they possibly can at interview.

(e) Dealing with Job Offers

PRC Resources recognises that offer negotiation can be a difficult part of the job search process. It is important to have a salary expectation that reflects one’s relevant skills and qualifications as well as current market conditions. We can assist in ensuring that salary expectations are reasonable and accurate.

PRC Resources feels that these services can be provided to groups of people in a class room type environment or on a one to one basis as required.


If your HR management is in transition, call PRC for interim HR direction.  We can serve as “Interim HR Managers,” enabling clients to bridge gaps during employee leaves of absence or position vacancies.  Such interim assignments can extend for a number of months and range from one or two days per week to full-time.

We can provide on-site support based on your requirements.  Assignments normally meet the following needs:

  • Interim support while filling a position
  • Additional workload
  • Specific HR initiatives
  • Business start-up
  • Acquisition or merger


PRC can advice you on all areas of employment law - including:

  • Statutory leave (i.e. Annual leave, Public holidays, Maternity leave, Adoptive leave, Carer’s leave, Parental leave, Force Majeure leave and Jury leave),
  • Non-statutory leave (Sick leave, Unpaid leave, Study/ exam leave, Flexi-leave, Paternity leave, Bereavement leave, Compassionate leave and Wedding/ Marriage leave),
  • Contracts of employment,
  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Redundancy,
  • Working time and breaks,
  • Equality,
  • Grievance and disciplinary issues,
  • Bullying and harassment issues,
  • Termination of employment / Dismissal,
  • Misuse of substance/ Abuse of alcohol and/ or drugs,
  • Policies and procedures,
  • Health & Safety,
  • Information and consultation with employees,
  • Absence management,
  • Industrial relations.

Employee Handbook
PRC can help create the company Employee Handbook of HR Policies and Procedures to ensure the company complys with legal requirements, satisfies a NERA inspection and clarifies and communicates policies on all areas of work to company employees, thus providing protection to the company from expensive disputes and employee litigation.
Health and Safety Statement

PRC can also assist in creating the company’s Health and Safety Statement which is written to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors while they work.  It represents the company’s commitment to the provision of a safe place of work, safe plant and equipment, safe work procedures and safe people.  The safety statement must also indicate resources required to deliver the stated objectives necessary for maintaining and reviewing health and safety laws and standards.


In the ever-changing business environment, keeping up and complying with the provisions of endless legislation, regulations and codes can be a major challenge for HR professionals for many different reasons.  PRC provides an expert advice service helping HR communicate effectively with company employees during difficult employee and industrial relations situations.  In addition, we can guide HR on to how to best handle Industrial relations aspects such as dealing with Trade Unions and negotiating with Trade Unions for resolution of matters.


PRC can represent your company in a variety of hearings before the Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Labour Court, Rights Commissioners and the Equality Tribunal in disputes on different legal matters including unfair dismissal, redundancy payments, working time, bullying/harassment, maternity leave, minimum notice, payment of wages, etc.


PRC has vast experience in both union and non-union environments.  Effective negotiating tactics are critical in preventing workplace interruptions and protecting employer profitability. We can help negotiate your employee contracts, oversee collective bargaining agreements and manage arbitration with your best interests in mind.

Internal Investigations

Internal HR professionals may legally perform fact-finding investigations in accordance with its disciplinary and grievance procedures.  However, when an internal HR employee investigates a grievance, questions of neutrality often arise.  PRC has the legal knowledge necessary to conduct an investigation and work towards establishing the facts of the allegations in its capacity as an independent party.  A PRC consultant will go on-site to interview complainants, alleged harassers, witnesses, and collate all relevant information. The findings will be compiled into an objectively written investigatory report. All documentation and information acquired throughout the process will be treated sensitively and confidentially.


Total rewards including market competitive pay systems are critically important in today's global economy.  Well designed pay systems should reinforce and align with your business strategy.  The intensity and degree of competition for staff as well as the competitive positioning of the organisation's products and/or services necessitates an increased emphasis on effective design of the compensation system which impacts strategic recruitment, retention and the job performance of the company’s employees.

An existing analysis of your current compensation system should be a starting point and balancing internal equity to the external market considered, if appropriate.  Determining what your compensation philosophy and how to align with your business strategy and goals will guide the type of compensation design to enhance or totally update your current compensation system.

PRC will assist you in determining the appropriate number of pay structures and develop targeted pay ranges through the use of valid survey sources.  This will assist your administration of a consistent, equitable and market or competency based compensation structure.  With a solid compensation system in place, following job analysis and job evaluation, your organisation will be positioned to strengthen an existing performance management system or pay for performance program intended to improve the overall existing reward.


Workforce planning is key to ensuring your staffing levels (both now and in the future) reflect your service and business plans. 

PRC can assist in:

  • Reviewing your current workforce, looking at vacancies, turnover and profile of your workforce
  • Conducting a job analysis and preparing job descriptions
  • Examine the planned business/service developments over the next 3-5 years
  • Estimate workforce needed, including assessment of what skills, qualifications and experience you currently and will require from your workforce
  • Review Cycle – set up priorities and timescales for you to review on an annual basis.


Turnover of staff is expensive and undermines an organisation's ability to establish a stable workforce - vitally important during periods of change.  With competition for the right people increasingly tough, companies can't afford to let their competitors beat them to the market for talent.

An effective employment brand will:

  • Reduce the recruitment costs associated with high turnover.
  • Reduce short-term absenteeism.
  • Free managers' time. Effort spent on recruitment, induction and exit interviews can be channeled back into achieving business goals.
  • Increase employees' motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. Employees will be more likely to tell people that theirs is a great place to work and the best people are more likely to stay.
  • Consolidate the company image with employees, customers and shareholders and create the loyalty factor.  Increases the retention of knowledge within the organization ensuring better service for customers and better results for shareholders.
  • Provide guidelines and tools, based on internal research, which allow tailoring of messages to different audiences.
  • Develop integrated and credible communications with consistent, crystal clear messages for both existing and potential employees

The investment in research that underpins employment brand is a tiny percentage of the savings it will earn the company. It also ensures that recruitment budget is spent in the most effective way.


Whether it is an individual looking for career guidance for reasons of career progression or a company looking for the provision of outplacement services in circumstances of redundancy, PRC can offer assistance.


We provide advice on CV preparation, interview skills and techniques.  We can offer one to one counseling or advice for teams.  We can offer questionnaires and assessments to help you make decisions about your career and future developments.


We can provide advice on CV interpretation, interview training and selection formulas for non-HR line managers.  We can advise on ensuring compliance in respect of employment and equality law regulations as part of the interview.

Our experience in interviewing is extensive.  We have designed and implemented best-practice recruitment and selection systems for organisations and we have assisted many in developing quality and defensible interviewing processes.

Our expertise has been used by many organisations in the public and private sector in the capacity of external / independent panel members for the interview process.  Our team of expert interviewers is available to participate fully on interview panels as external interviewers nationwide. 


PRC has experience of providing expert witness services.  Expert witness testimony is available for litigation in selected areas of the consultancy services which we provide.  PRC can also assist in dispute resolution by providing its expert services to help negotiate settlement agreements prior to court hearings or as part of an arbitration process.


PRC has a number of years experience in providing company secretarial services and advice to clients.  The services provided include:

  • Company Formation
  • Change of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Share Agreements
  • Company Restoration/Dissolution
  • High Court Company Restoration
  • VAT Application
  • Business Name Registration
  • Trade Name Patent Registration
  • Maintenance of Statutory records
  • Preparation and Filing of annual returns
  • Share Transfers & Allotment
  • Preparation of Minutes of Meetings and Board Resolutions
  • Change Bank signatories
  • Transfer of company
  • Company Stationery
  • Custody of Company Seal
  • Nominee Shareholders
  • Declarations of Trust
  • Power of Attorney


PRC can offer a full payroll service complying with the legislation and regulations governing these areas. Our aim is to deliver a prompt and cost effective service, freeing HR from this specialist administrative area.
We will ensure compliance with all relevant payroll regulations and legislation, and have specialists within the business to address any tax or accountancy queries.

We provide an accurate, comprehensive, tailored service that includes:

  • Calculation of PAYE and PRSI liability, net pay figures on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or adhoc basis.
  • Payslips
  • Administration of PAYE, PRSI, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, tax credits etc
  • Completion of statutory forms, including P35/P60 year end returns, to issue to your employees and to the Revenue Commissioners
  • Monthly payroll reports
  • Administration of incentive schemes, bonuses, commissions, and ex-gratia and termination payments
  • Access to specialist advice on tax and accountancy issues


Performance appraisals and annual reviews are consistently ranked by managers as one of their most disliked tasks. Adopting a Performance Management program eliminates the appraisal/review as a focus and concentrates on the entire range of the employee's performance and develops personalised and comprehensive improvement strategies for each individual.  

PRC’s Performance Management reviews involve assessment and measurement tools and processes e.g. 360 degree assessment systems, HR Performance effectiveness surveys, Public Sector PMDS, etc. that motivates employees by helping them understand that their success is linked to the company's success.


Our training programs are designed and delivered to produce maximum positive behavior modifications.  We can provide a unique blend of intraspective self-development exercises and proven and tested leadership principles coupled with identification and development of team values.

All programs are specifically designed to address the particular challenges of the company, and include helpful feedback sessions between employee groups to reinforce what was learned.  The result is a training initiative that demonstrates concrete results.

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