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By: Praga Medica  05/12/2011
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This article is related to septoplasty, deviated nasal septum, nose breathing difficulties, stuffed nose, sinusitis and sleep disorders.

Nose breathing should be natural to any of us. Unfortunately we are not perfect and many of us suffer from “obstructed” nasal airways. This may result in noisy breathing, stuffed nose but also headaches, sinusitis and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

If nose breathing difficulty occurs from time to time, it may be a result of some kind of allergy, seasonal cold etc. However, any long-lasting and repeated occurrences are a good reason to visit your doctor.

What is Deviated Nasal Septum
A common cause is a deviated nasal septum, in other words your nasal bone blocks your nasal airways and obstructs the natural airflow. It is most frequently caused by impact trauma, such as by a blow to the face.

In most cases a deviated septum can be corrected with a minor surgical procedure known as a septoplasty. An alternative to a septoplasty is a laser treatment offered by some clinics but it unfortunately does not produce long-term results and it is more related to people suffering from chronic colds.

Septoplasty is a minor surgical procedure that takes aprx. 1 hour. A pacient usually remains two days in hospital before being sent home. Tissues are removed on the second day after the surgery. It takes about a week before air passages are cleared and one month to a full recovery. Regular checks are required during the first 4 weeks.

Nose breathing is restored, snoring is reduced and sleep quality improves.

Keywords: Medical Procedures

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