Breath of Life - Natural Healing: Herbal Remedies

By: Portmarnock  05/12/2011

Nature's oldest healer's are most certainly herbs. The great advantage of a herbal medicine over conventional drug treatments is that it does not have side effects. Instead, herbs have many more beneficial effects within the body. For example: Valerian officinalis (Valerian) is used to promote a deep and natural sleep. On taking conventional sleeping pills, the patient usually feels groggy and unmotivated the following day. Aside from this, a dependency on the drug is built up and greater doses are needed to get the same effect. With Valerian, the patient wakes refreshed and more relaxed, with a clear head and plenty of energy. Herbs do not cause dependency, rather encourage the body to heal itself.

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Breath of Life - Natural Healing

These products have been used by Breath of Life patients for the past 17 years and most find them very useful. Please phone the clinic if you are unsure about a certain product's suitability or dosage. Do not stop prescribed medication without your doctor's advice. Welcome to the Breath of Life Online Shop.


Breath of Life - Natural Healing: Homeopathic Complexes

Classic homeopathy usually recommends a single remedy at a time while complex homeopathy is a broad spectrum approach as between 10 to 40 are given together. This extended use of medicines tends to weaken the Immune System cause resistance to the drugs predispose to allergies which all effect the quality of life.


Breath of Life - Natural Healing: Dietary supplements

E.g. Vit B in times of stress, Vit C in times of infection and Calcium & Magnesium to prevent bone degradation in women over 35. These dietary supplements are described via the links above and are available for purchase from Breath of Life. This is due to many factors; Food, unless it is organic does not usuallsupply adequate nutrients. Eating an average diet needs some form of dietary supplement on an everyday basis.