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By: Polytunnel  05/12/2011
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Polytunnel Skeleton

Our polytunnels don't use the traditional steel support hoops. We prefer 2" normal gague water piping - its flexible and strong.

We drive 2" galvanised scaffolding tubing into the ground at 5ft centers on both sides of the tunnel.

The hoops  are slipped over the scaffolding tubes and bolted into place.

The hoops are then joined with lengths o 2x1 timber for the full length of the tunnel.

The ends of the tunnel are constructed including the door frame.

If the raised bed option is required they are fitted at this stage.

The cover is now placed over the tunnel and secured.

Covers - XL Horticulture Covers

XL Superclear 600 HDF

This is a general purpose UVI/EVA film for use with all hardy stock. This film is actually stronger than conventional 720g films, but offers significant cost savings, whilst incorporating an infra red filter (HDF) to slightly lower the daytime temperature. The HDF also gives 62% scattered light to reduce shadows from the structure so that the plants grow more evenly.

XL Sterilite HDF

This is a 720g thermal AF anti botrytis/mildew and heat reduction film for use with all heated crops, sun loving stock, propagation houses, and over wintered vegetables. The HDF filter produces 62% scattered light and lower daytime temperatures as with Superclear HDF. The addition of UVA and UVB filters reduces many fungal diseases like mildew and botrytis, whilst the thermic anti-fog additives can give up to a 2deg temperature lift on a frosty night and dramatically reduce the amount of condensation on the film. A top of the range film offering significant benefits to virtually every grower.

Keywords: Film