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By: Plain City Auction  05/12/2011

``The lifeblood of Plain City Auction''
Our "End of the Month auction", always held on the last Friday of the month, is considered our Antique Auction. In the front room, the stage will be lined with antique furniture. Our showcases display the glassware, pottery, watches, jewelry, knives, pipes, and very collectible items. At the beginning of the auction we also have box lots where our buyers love to find hidden treasures or "sleepers". Items in these box lots, and also items in our showcases often make great eBay picks.
We accept consignments for these auctions by appointment for drop-offs, or we also have pick-up service available.
This is generally a situation where we are asked to buy out or auction a store or business.
Items are inventoried then we, Plain City Auction, will make an offer to purchase these items outright. If our offer is accepted, we can pick up the items and store them up to 30 days if needed for paperwork to be completed. After completion of paperwork and legal timeframes are met, the items will be released to us for liquidation. This liquidation will take place through Plain City Auction.
This is when there is a situation or need to liquidate immediately.
If you are in this situation, and you are wondering "What can we do with all of our furniture, glassware, lawn items, car or truck, etc.?" that you do not want to, or cannot move to where you are going, then call us. We can help! Often we can offer same day service or adjust to your needs or schedule. We will come out, make an inventory or the items, and generally can reach an agreement for purchase on the spot, depending on the number of items. Occasionally we will need to take the inventory sheet back to the office and complete some research before making a final offer. If we reach an agreement, we will schedule a pickup date and deliver your check at that time.
When someone is moving from one place to another, they often hire movers to move the items they want to keep, then bring us items they want to sell.
What do you do with all the things that pile up in the basement, garage, and attic? You need to get the house ready to sell and just don't have the time it takes to get the house completely empty, especially in the case of estates. If there is an executor, or attorney, most likely someone needs to do this time consuming task. What Plain City Auction can offer in this situation is what we call our "cleanout service". We take a look at how much there is to clean out, whether it is all on the first floor, 2nd floor, or basement, how much we can dispose of by donating to food banks, thrift stores, etc and what size dumpsters are needed, if any. We factor all this information and reach a cost factor for each particular project. If you choose to take advantage of this service, we then schedule with you for us to complete the project.
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