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By: Pj Farrell Financial Services  05/12/2011
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Life Cover / Protection Products

The main purpose of financial protection is to make sure you won't have money problems if a misfortune like an accident, death or illness happens in your family. Basically, all protection policies are designed to replace lost income and provide a money benefit when it is needed most.

Think of all the things that would still need to be paid for - the mortgage, the bills, day-to-day living expenses, credit card debts and so on. These won't go away if you or your partner cannot work or you die. And the last thing a family needs in a situation like this is money worries.

For peace of mind we offer you a wide range of protection plans to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today and get a free no nonsense quote.



The first question we ask when talking to you about retirement is: 'What do you want to do when you retire?' Most people will say they simply want to be comfortable and financially secure. At Farrell Financial Services we think you should be a little more ambitious. After all, you have worked all your life so why not plan for retirement as something special, something to really enjoy?

A pension is simply a tax-efficient plan for the investments you hold to fund your retirement. To make sure your plan offers you the highest levels of flexibility, transparency and value for money, you need to look at the options offered by various Providers. As Independent Brokers we advice from different providers to suit your risk profile and budget.



Savings & Investments - Why save?

If you want to get the better things in life, you'll need to put some money away as often as you can. It doesn't have to start big, but saving for the future on a regular basis is the surest way to turn your plans into reality.

You'll need to invest through a regular savings plan, whether you want to make plans for your children's education, save to buy a place of your own, or just put money aside for a rainy day.

Everyone has general questions when buying a product - and making an investment is no different. Here you will find a number of questions that we feel you need answers to, before you will decide how best to invest your lump sum.


Keywords: financial services, Investments

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PJ Farrell Financial Services | Life Cover, Retirement & Pensions, Mortgages, Savings & Investments, Business Protection

Now that you're over 50, your family has probably grown up and, hopefully, you?re enjoying life to the full without the burden of a mortgage or any other major financial commitments. This service can be offered on execution only basis where the client selects product provider and product or on an advice basis. This means you are getting un-bias advice and products and services at the best price available.