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By: Pi-water  05/12/2011
Keywords: drinking water, Water Filters, reverse osmosis


A 5 stage reverse osmosis system with the Pi-water processor is installed under the sink. Reverse Osmosis water filters are by far the best quality water filters when compared to any home water filters such as, countertop water filters, under-sink water filters, gravity water filters or inline water filters.

Pressure pushes the tap water through a semi permeable membrane, which is specifically designed to only let water molecules pass through and stop more than 98% of all impurities. It removes, for example; nitrates, insecticides, aluminum, heavy metals, e-coli bacteria, phosphates, chlorides, fluoride, lime scale and cryptosporidium. (see chart).The purified/filtered water is then passed through the Pi-water processor. This processor consists of three varieties of tourmaline ceramic beads, which have the natural ability to release an electrical charge which re-energises and re-mineralises the water. It also removes acidity from the water. This water now has the bio-energy needed to strengthen your immune system and act as an antioxidant.

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Keywords: drinking water, reverse osmosis, Tap Water, Water Filters

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