Telephone Systems Ireland: CyTrack Business Solution Suite

By: Phonelink  05/12/2011
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CyTrack® Technologies has 12 years experience specialising in development and distribution of CTI Telephony & Call Centre Business Communications Software.

  • Formed 1995
  • Support Centre and Testing Lab
  • Project Management Services
  • Partner Education and Learning Centre
  • Work to ISO 9001 standards
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Offices in Asia Pacific and Europe


Our Plan

The CyTrack Suite of Business Communications Products are an enabling modular suite designed to deliver the business benefits and functionalities that Computers, Telephones and the Internet can provide and based on the following core customer advantage points:

  • Be Connected - Link your most important business tools, the telephone , PC, your customer contact systems and the Internet
    Plan for the Present and Future - Unified Modular Approach, choose the modules you need now and add later at any time without redundancy
    Be the Best - Utilise the latest in telephony technology that is priced to be affordable to all businesses
  • Empower your Business - manage and change requirements in-house, our software speaks your language in a simple and elegant interface without causing you to refer to a technology supplier or have specialised staff
  • Enrich Your Relationships - Stand out from the crowd with your customers with our wide range of business communications applications and functionalities
  • Ensure Flexibility - your telephone system and your customer database choices, our products integrate to and are endorsed by most leading telephone and CRM platforms
  • Measure to Manage - Log, Report and Manage your company and staff resources and telephone technologies
  • Cut Costs - use technology today such as VoiP and CTI with the features and functions CyTrack provides to cut your business costs and streamline efficiencies
    Be Supported - your relationship with CyTrack is an ongoing one and we provide a range of support packages to help you realise your investment and keep it working for you.



The CyTrack Product Suite bristles with technical innovation and each module in its own right carries significant product depth and advanced technical functionalities.

We chose to address the description of Innovation to the user according to the following facets:

Human Interface - Customer Empowerment

  • User Interface - Designed with simplicity, integration and elegance and to fit in with users existing experience with common interfaces for both familiarity of use and integration functionalities.
  • Administration Interfaces and Functions - Designed to gain the users acceptance and ensure comfort with configuration aspects, administration and moves and changes without the need for specialised personnel or requiring specialised services ongoing.
  • Unified Modular Approach - Providing all the telephony functionality for a business whether SME, Corporate or Government - marketed and available as individual modules that may be purchased independently or packaged.


Technical Interface - Freedom of Connectivity Options

  • Telephony Integration - Competitor products focus on one telephony manufacturer brand or in some instances only one model. In fact two clear standards are available TAPI and TSAPI and different telephony manufacturers adopt either and deploy with their own subset of commands. CyTrack supports both TAPI and TSAPI and successfully integrates with most telephone systems that support either of these two standards.
  • CRM Integration - As with telephony integration, CRM integration to a range of brands is not supported widely across competitor products, we currently integrate to and are endorsed by most leading CRM brands.
  • VoiP Support - CyTrack modules support a range of functions to take advantage of the benefits of VoiP including multi and remote site operability and centralised management. XML Gateway - Our XML Gateway and Specification enables any third party developer to connect their own software product or application to our CyDesk Server and therefore avail their own product of telephony functionality and our CyTrack modules.

Architectural Strength - Standards Based, Stability and High Transaction Capability

  • Industrial Standards - Based on industry standards - Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL, TAPI and TSAPI CTI Standards, Dialogic Voice Platform
  • Architecture - Independent program modules that interact and can run even in remote or multi locations, therefore making the system more resilient and redundant as well as supportive of VoiP applications. CyTrack systems are proven for handling many thousands of transactions a day in heavy duty critical business sites.

Commercial Innovation

  • Affordability - Products such as CyTrack market have previously been the domain of large business and government only. The CyTrack product modules are marketed to be affordable by any business.

Keywords: business communications, call centre, Telephone System, telephone systems

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