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By: Phonelink  05/12/2011
Keywords: business communications

Your SMB communication solution shouldn't complicate your business. It should be simple to use and easy to grow as your business grows without having manager's headache or too much economic pressure.

Using the solution should also be clear and intuitive so users can easily understand how to work together. Feel free to enjoy our complete VoIP communication solution for you.

Productivity Enhancement

As an SMB, you need to constantly improve productivity. iPECS UCS is one of several productivity enhancing tools and applications in iPECS. The iPECS UCS Client is an intuitive desktop collaboration application designed for SMB users so they can easily collaborate with colleagues. Wherever you are, you are able to reach the resources needed for efficient communications.

iPECS UCS simplifies your business communications and improves productivity by linking voice and other communications aware applications under a single intuitive user interface.

Minimising TCO

iPECS employs a fully distributed modular architecture to deliver all the advantages of VoIP. The single voice/data infrastructure significantly reduces the costs of managing your communication solution. Due to the simply straight-forward configuration and plug and play installation, communication managers appreciate the ability to locate iPECS appliances where they are needed without clumsy and difficult configuration limits.

The modular type gateways, terminals and soft clients can be put anywhere there is access to the network. Powerful redundancy capabilities assure operation should failure occur with back-up power and Call Server modules. iPECS intelligent management permits a highly versatile interface to save management time and costs of all iPECS appliances in a distributed environment.

Managers can monitor and manage up to 1,000 Call Servers from a single remote point and have full access to the database and maintenance features of each system. Thanks to the modular hardware and software structure, you can simply add another module to increase the capacity or coverage of service no matter how your business.

LIK, iPECS Call Server and Gateway

iPECS Call Server is at the heart of the iPECS platform. This highly reliable purpose-built server controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources. You can select the Call Server to best meet your needs based on the size of the business from 20 to 500 users. Modular type iPECS Gateways, which easily connect to the call server over any IP network, interface to an array of resources including analog, digital and SIP connections both for trunk and extension side. The simple modular structure yields flexible configurations and installations to meet your business needs now and in the future.

The Call Server makes available an extensive set of telephony features. From basics (Hold, Transfer, etc.) to more advanced features (Least Cost Routing, Incoming call Distribution, SIP trunking, etc.) you can easily access features and resources, often through a single button on your terminal. iPECS offers an array of terminals so each user has the right communications tool for the job. Select from any of the LIP-8000 series desk-top phones, DECT over IP, iPECS Wireless LAN phones, PC and PDA Virtual phones, SLT or standard SIP terminals as appropriate for each user. Even digital phones from your legacy LGNortel system can be employed.

The iPECS Call Server is a platform for a range of communication applications designed to improve employee productivity and enhance the customer calling experience. Ez-Attendant improves Attendant call handling ; Unified Messaging speeds handling voice, FAX and e-mail messages; Unified Communication Solution (UCS) combines voice, video and messaging under a single user interface. In addition, iPECS Application Integration Message (AIM) as well as Microsoft standard TAPI let both LG-Nortel and 3rd party applications combine to deliver a seamless overall communication solution for your small to medium business.

LIP 800 series IP Terminals

iPECS includes a wide variety of user desk-top terminals. The LIP 8000 series includes four (4) phone models and 3 types of DSS Consoles to provide a solution tailored to the needs of each user. From the LIP-8004D basic lobby phone to the Executive LIP-8040L, the LIP-8000 terminals are simple to use yet feature rich. Users quickly learn to use the LIP phone thanks to one button operations and user friendly features such as the navigation and soft-menu keys. The full duplex HD quality speakerphone in most models let users converse handsfree, assured of the highest quality through advanced VoIP technology. The LIP-8000 terminals can connect anywhere there is a LAN connection and support the IEEE 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard so a separate power connection is not required.

Keywords: business communications

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