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By: Petticoats  05/12/2011

Sizing Guide

It is important to measure yourself regularly, remembering that your bra size can alter due to exercise, diet or pregnancy.

First you need to take the following 2 measurements:

  1. Underband/bra size - measuring in centimetres place the tape measure around your rib cage immediately under the bust. The tape should be held firmly, but not tightly so that you can breathe easily.
  2. Cup size - measure the bust at the fullest part in centimetres.
  3. Now look up those measurements in the table below to find your correct bra size, If you fall between the sizes always go by your bra size (underband measurement) and try either side for cup size.
Once you have received your bra, follow these easy steps to ensure your bra fits you perfectly. 1) Lean forward to allow your breasts to fall into the cups and fasten on the loosest hook.2) Once stood up adjust each breast gently to fit comfortably into the cups making sure they are not spilling out from the underarms or being squeezed by the underwire.3) Lastly drop the straps off your shoulders and adjust to a comfortable length. 2) The underband should be snug but enabling you to fit two fingers in the under-band at either side.3) The underband should be even all the way round the body, so the back of the bra should be parallel with the front of the bra.4) Your breast should fit into each cup within the wire casing.5) Your breasts should fill the cups without bulging over the top or ‘double-busting’.6) The centre front should lay flat and separate your breasts.7) The straps should be adjusted to between the shoulder and the elbow.

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