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By: Pest Free Ireland  05/12/2011
Keywords: electricity, mice, Mains Electricity

Product Description

Pest Free Ireland is the sole Irish distributor for commercial and domestic Pest Free units, which operate using mains electricity to deny properties to rats and mice. Unlike many non-poison based products, Pest Free has a substantial installed base in prestige locations, such as the Ritz and Savoy Hotels, as well as in the Inland Revenue and in BUPA hospitals.

Furthermore, Pest Free products have been subjected to extensive laboratory and field tests, and are fully certified by the British Standards Institute.

The use of poisons presents many problems to those responsible for the management of affected locations: areas have to be cleared prior to the use of poisons, which – no matter how carefully they are used – inevitably have a risk when used near people or in confined spaces. Removal of the dead bodies of vermin, whether on surfaces or hidden in wall cavities, is unhygienic and unpleasant, and the trapped corpses of vermin in cavities produces an offensive smell as well as providing a potential harbour for flies and other insects. Denying ground to vermin in the first place ensures that dead bodies do not collect within the protected area, which promotes hygiene and ensures no odours.

Using conventional solutions like bait boxes and glueboards provides no lasting answer, since they can be used once only prior to replacement. They also only deal with mice in open areas, and do not manage the problem of getting to vermin where they breed.

Pest Free is in use at a number of multi-occupancy sites such as hotels and apartment blocks. Testimonials illustrating the effectiveness of the units are available.

One of the problems plaguing this type of product has been legal action taken by national trading standards bodies because of misleading claims made by product manufacturers and resellers. Pest Free is, to our knowledge, the only product which has won such a case (against the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) and we can therefore say with confidence that it is the only product of its type in the world which has been proven to work in a court of law.

A further advantage of the units is their durability: over 50 commercial units installed in the Savoy Hotel ten years ago are still in place and working. No equipment failure has been reported since installation.

Pest Free contains a twin coil assembly controlled by microelectronics, and is fully patented. The steel bar through the coils magnetically saturates during the timed energised phase, creating higher harmonics on the electrical waveform, which is impressed on the earth wire. This waveform is passed using the building’s earth wiring throughout the building (to the range of the unit) and causes a timed disturbance which affects vermin, rendering them uncomfortable, and unable to rest or breed. Because the system uses electrical wiring, it gets to the vermin in their harbourages, and drives them from the building, usually within a maximum of three days. The harmonic disturbance does not affect electrical equipment – as proven by the successful installation of the units within hospital environments.

Commercial Pest Free covers an area of 450m² on one or two ring mains. Further units can be added for larger floor areas.

Pest Free Commercial Units are certified by the British Standards Institute to the following standards:

  • BS 1361-1.1995
  • EN61000-6-3 2001
  • EN61000-6-1 2001
  • Pest Free Domestic Units are certified by the British Standards Institute to the following standards:

  • BS 1361-1.1995
  • EN50082-1-1997
  • EN550144-2-1997
  • Keywords: electricity, Mains Electricity, mice, Vermin