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By: Pembroke Dental  05/12/2011

While on the subject we have three other visiting specialists: Oral Surgeon Muhammad Israr, Orthodontist Maghnus O’Donnell and Paediatric Specialist Aifric Ni ChaollaI.

Dr Israr is fully covered by private health insurers – so whatever kind of surgery is required, it can happen here in Carlow, courtesy of your insurer.

Thursdays are known as teeth straightening days because that’s when Maghnus our orthodontic specialist usually comes to visit.

Finally, Aifric provides treatment to children aged 16 and under. As a paediatric specialist, she has winning ways with our younger patients – we call it the magic of Aifric!

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As part of your Dental Health Check, we always pay close attention to the health of your tongue, lips, cheeks and skin. Your PRSI scheme and Medical Card entitles you to a free annual Dental Health Check so don’t forget to avail of this. We performed free mouth cancer screening for the dozens of patients that came in to see us between 2 and 3 pm. Wednesday the 21st of September was Mouth Cancer Awareness day.