By: Peamount  05/12/2011
Keywords: Rehabilitation, social care, Health And Social Care

Age Related Services

Age-related services at Peamount offer a range of health and social care services for adults of 65 years and older. The services comprise Rehabilitation, Continuing Care,
Respite and Day Care.

At Peamount we acknowledge that rehabilitation is a complex, dynamic process, aimed at providing co-ordinated services to help overcome or reduce disability, following illness or injury. Rehabilitation is a holistic process delivered by the multi-disciplinary team, led by Dr. Rónán Collins and Dr. Tara Coughlan, Consultants in Age Related Health Care. The service comprises 25 in-patient beds for both male and female clients. Currently, rehabilitation places are allocated to patients from all acute Dublin/Kildare hospitals.

All clients must be referred to the rehabilitation unit by a Consultant Geriatrician. The applications are then forwarded to the admissions team for prioritisation. When a bed becomes available, and bearing in mind current unit dependency levels, an assessment is undertaken by Peamount. Following the assessment process, the multi-disciplinary team will determine suitability and the referred client is then offered a period of in-patient rehabilitation.

Continuing care services aim to provide an environment that promotes person-centred care and values that include respect for individuality, privacy, dignity and independence. Evidence-based health and social care is delivered by the multi-disciplinary team. Continuing care services are offered at Peamount for both male and female clients. St. Patrick’s and St. Ciaran’s Units each have 23 continuing care beds.

Continuing care places are allocated to patients from several acute hospitals and from the community. All clients wishing to avail of long term care must be listed for same by a Consultant Geriatrician. Completed application forms are forwarded to the Director of Nursing and are prioritised and listed by the admissions team.

When a bed becomes available, and with regard to current unit dependency levels, an assessment for care will be offered by Peamount. During the assessment process, the client and/or family will be invited to visit the unit and offered all relevant information. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, the client will be offered a placement in long-term care.

Peamount currently has four respite beds, two female beds located in St. Patrick’s Unit and two male respite beds in St. Ciaran’s Unit.

All application forms for respite admissions must to be completed by the Public Health Nurse and the General Practitioner and forwarded to the relevant ward in Peamount. A maximum of four weeks of respite care is allotted per client per year. An important factor to note is that there is no geriatric assessment or physiotherapy service for respite patients.

The ‘Raniskey’ Day Care Centre is a nurse-led service providing respite care on a daily basis for people living in the Lucan, Clondalkin, Rathcoole, Celbridge and Newcastle areas. The aim of the Day Care Centre is to provide health and social services to older people and give respite to their care givers. The programmes attempt to maximise the existing self-care capacity of the older person while preventing further limitations, therefore maintaining family, social and peer group relationships outside the healthcare setting.
Transport is provided for clients. No medical service is provided.

Applications for the Day Care Service are completed by the Public Health Nurse, and must include a referral letter from the General Practitioner.

Keywords: Health And Social Care, Rehabilitation, social care