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By: Pdsl  05/12/2011
Keywords: cctv, access control, fire protection

Addressable Systems

These are ‘smart’ alarms:  sophisticated, programmable reliable detection systems. The installation of an addressable system allows the end user to not only tailor the individual components of the system to their needs, but also allows a heightened level of control over any fire by transmitting information such as the location of the fire. Elements of the system, such as individual detectors, can be set to differing levels of sensitivity. The use of this system greatly improves the efficiency of fire management as it reduces the amount of false alarms which arise and allows the user to accurately assess the situation based on the information provided. Such systems are well utilised in larger premises such as office blocks and hotels. Currently we use the following systems:  Morley, Advanced, C-tec, Ziton, Notifier, Kentech, Menvier and EMS.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

A conventional fire alarm system is an entry level system and would fulfil basic fire system requirements. They tend to be commonly used in smaller businesses and are practical in the event of budget restrictions. Their individual components are connected through one main circuit and the alarm is triggered if any element of that circuit experiences a change of any sort.  A common example would be the presence of a break-glass unit in a property. These systems are suitable for small offices, shops or any small business. Detector systems currently being used are Apollo, Menvier, Hochiki, System Sensor, Fire Ray, Fire Beam, EMS and VESDA.

Fixed Automatic Extinguishing Systems

This system would typically be in place where products of a valuable nature were held in storage. They are capable of automatically detecting the presence of fire, and then dispensing an extinguishing agent to fight the fire. These systems are often installed in a specialised area of the premises such as a server room, and are usually used in combination as part of a larger system.

Refuge Systems

In addition to the fire protection systems outlined above we are also expert in the creation of disable refuge systems, which are designed to facilitate communication between the rescue services and any persons of limited mobility who may be trapped inside a building in an emergency situation. The systems would typically include a main communication panel to be used by the rescue services as well as a contact unit in any specified refuge areas.

Intruder Alarms

Prestige Detection will design, supply, install and maintain a comprehensive intruder alarm system to adequately protect your premises from any threat of burglary. We can cover all levels of protection with the use of components such as PIR detectors (Passive Infrared) , door contact sensors and sounders. We can create a bespoke package tailored to the needs of your business or home.  We currently use a range of products including HKC, Aritech, Oasis and GSD.


The use of CCTV in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland as a dependable method of risk prevention. We offer a range of CCTV products for workplace monitoring from a single unit observation system to a sophisticated network of surveillance.  We present a broad choice of methods by which you can monitor and manage any risk to your business, and any system can be streamlined to suit your budget.  Examples of the CCTV systems we use are GE, Everfocus, IC Realtime, Bosch, Genie, Northwood and Sanyo.

Access Control

An access control system allows proactive, effective control over who enters your premises. This type of system is versatile, simple and cost effective and can be easily integrated as part of a larger security system in within your premises. The concept of access control is enormously beneficial to businesses in limiting theft and liability.  A variety of access control installation methods are available such as magnetic card readers, telephone or video entry and Prestige design a system around your needs. We use access control systems such as ACT and Comelit.

Assistance Systems

Prestige Detection Systems offer a broad range of systems geared towards companies who need to provide a form of assistance to their employees.  We have worked with a number of clients in the medical field to install facilities such as nurse call systems, disabled persons alarms and lone worker systems. Our clients trust us to construct a cost effective package to manage and integrate the security measures into their premises.  We have access to an extensive product range and we will always install the system most appropriate to the requirements of your premises. Examples of our products are Quantec, C-tec 800 Series and we use the Sigtec system for Lone Worker protection.

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Prestige aims to provide local accessible Fire Alarm Engineering Services, to cater for the specific requirements of the Industrial, Services and Domestic Sectors, based in the South and Mid-West Region. We adhere to the system design and installation requirements of the project and we are fully compliant with Irish Standard I.S. 3218.