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By: Pcs Industries  05/12/2011

Accurate and durable coding and marking products are an integral part of any manufacturing process. If a product code cannot be read initially or becomes worn over time, the product will effectively become redundant. A costly error which can be easily avoided.

Traditional codes such as the 1D barcode are still very much in demand but 2D and Data Matrix® codes now offer manufacturers the ability to store significant amounts of data in a small area.

The Data Matrix code for example, uniquely identifies each product or part manufactured and a digital imprint marked directly on the part's surface ensures internal traceability on the production line and external traceability during the entire life cycle of the product.

Primary tasks of the Data Matrix code are to ensure:

  • Error-proofing
  • Part traceability
  • Part authenticity
  • Supply chain management

All vital elements in today's manufacturing arena to ensure quality control and cost effective production.