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By: Pat Mcgovern  05/12/2011
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We can offer you a full range of Building Surveys for all types of commercial property. Our reports will provide you with clear and comprehensive advice. We can meet tight commercial timeframes and our reports will provide key information in relation to the asset.

The condition of a building often requires recording, either in relation to a new lease, prior to refurbishment, or because of alteration works being undertaken on adjacent buildings. This document can then act as a reference point on the building's condition.

The following survey types are available:

Building Survey Report (Structural Survey)

A structural survey is an investigation or inspection of the construction and services of a property in sufficient detail to enable the Building Surveyor to advise what impact its condition will have upon the client. A structural survey is usually commissioned prior to the purchase or lease of a commercial unit (shop, office, warehouse, etc).

We have undertaken surveys of an extensive range of commercial properties, both old and new. We carry out a thorough inspection of the building, give a comprehensive report on its condition warning the client of any future expenses incurred with the building and advise on purchasing. The final Report follows a detailed examination of the fabric of the building by an experienced and professionally qualified surveyor who knows what to look for and where to look. A standard survey comprises of the following:

  • An appraisal of the form and materials of construction.
  • A technical analysis of significant defects revealed and advice on appropriate further actions.
  • A budget estimate on significant repairs.
  • Identification of less significant defects, general disrepair and shortcomings in the physical condition, maintenance and design of the building.

Schedules of Dilapidation

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, McGovern Surveyors can provide expert advice on all aspects of repair and maintenance obligations for both landlords and tenants. The preparation of a Schedule of Dilapidations is necessary under many landlord and tenant relationships. The Lease, which is the formal contract between both parties, would normally include a Repairing Covenant or clause, which would oblige the tenant to maintain the building or part of the building under the terms of the Lease. This repairing obligation may extend to both the interior and exterior or be limited to internal repair only.

Our experiences in this field allow us to act on behalf of both landlords and tenants. In preparing a Schedule of Dilapidations for a landlord an inspection is necessary to ensure that the tenant is properly maintaining the building. The inspection will highlight any deterioration in the building and the repairing obligations of the tenant. We can also act on behalf of a landlord to ensure that all repair works are carried out or alternatively the schedule can be costed in the event that the landlord undertakes to carryout repairs.

Our experience in this area also enables us to act and negotiate on behalf of tenants. We can ensure that the repairing obligations imposed by the landlord are fair under the terms of the Lease and that the tenant is not liable to any adverse costs. What we need:

  • Copy of relevant Lease(s).
  • Copy of Consents/Licenses issued by the Landlord during the term.
  • Copy of any ingoing Schedule of Condition (if relevant).

Schedules of Condition/Dilapidation Surveys

There are two types of Schedule of Condition to be considered:

  • A Schedule of Condition/Dilapidation is a report prepared on an existing building prior to any development works been carried out adjacent or near by. The preparation of such a report protects both the adjacent property owner and the developer as it records the current condition in both report format with a back-up photographic schedule. The report will identify the location, type and extent of any current defects in a building.
  • A condition survey can also be commissioned by a tenant entering into a Lease arrangement whereby they are to be responsible for maintaining a building in the same condition as at commencement of the Lease. This type of condition survey will again record with text and photographs all relevant defects etc. so as to protect the tenant in the event that a landlord serves a Schedule of Dilapidations on termination of the Lease.

Insurance Assessment Valuations

In times of ever increasing insurance premiums it is becoming ever critical to ensure that your principle assets i.e. your building stock are adequately insured against loss. McGovern Surveyors can provide expert advice across a broad range of building types and provide a current and up to date insurance valuation.

Pre Lease Acquisition Surveys

This service is aimed at tenants who are entering into a Leasehold arrangement with a landlord. The type of report prepared will give the tenant a full picture of the current condition of the building and will advise on all aspects of repair and maintenance, which are likely to arise during the term of the Lease. In many circumstances the current layout of a building or premises would not suit an ingoing tenant and we can also carryout the survey with a view to the tenant undertaking any alterations or additions to the building. The report will also include a budget costing for any repairs, which are necessary to the premises, allowing for necessary essential repairs and desirable repairs.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Under many Lease arrangements, it is necessary for a tenant to obtain the consent of a landlord prior to carrying out any alterations or refurbishment of a leasehold premises. Often a Lease will set out the tenant’s obligations to conform to all current planning and development requirements. In acting on behalf of landlords we can ensure that the proposals planned by a tenant conform to all necessary statutory requirements and that the tenant will undertake to comply with their repairing obligations. In this area our experience also allows us to act on behalf of tenants where they wish to carryout alterations to a premises. As changes will often require compliance with statutory regulations and planning etc. we are in a position to make all necessary applications to Local Authorities for Change of Use, Planning and Fire Safety certification and formally obtain landlord’s consent to carryout works.

Commercial Building Energy Rating (BER) Surveys

As part of the Energy Performance of Buldings Directive (EPBD), all new and second hand properties being sold now require a BER energy certificate to allow the sale to proceed. This certificate is best undertaken by a property professional with an in-depth construction knowledge to ensure the right result is obtained. Chartered Building Surveyors are the leading property professional in this field and can provide unrivalled service. The BER scale ranges from 'A1' (most efficient) to 'G' (least efficient). The BER give a clear indication of how energy efficient a building is.

Planned Maintenance Programmes

This area of work deals with the preparation of pro-active maintenance programmes of buildings. Planned preventative maintenance is ever becoming an increasing aspect of building asset management and this service provides for the renewal of building elements before failure thus preventing consequential damage, which can have severe affects on maintenance budgets. McGovern Surveyors can prepare planned Maintenance Schedules, which are fully costed and provide a programmed approach, which allows for accurate budgeting over a planned period, e.g. 3, 5 or 10 years.

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