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By: Paschal Bergin  05/12/2011

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management department alongside the Tax department provides expertise in both these fields to offer a comprehensive financial planning service. We realise that our client’s schedules have become increasingly busy and that to offer these services in conjunction with one another is both practical and convenient.

Our Wealth Management department provides advice and support to clients in many areas including the following:

Investment – Clients are constantly accessing the most suitable investment vehicles to provide them with the returns they require at a risk level they are comfortable with. Paschal Bergin & Co. are completely independent and therefore can offer you impartial advice on a wide range of products to suit your particular needs. You may also have existing investments that you would like to monitor. We are happy to review any investments that you have and offer suggestions going forward.

Retirement Planning - Whether you are a company director, self-employed professional or employee, we can explore the options available to you and recommend the best course of action to take. You may have existing pension plans with a number of providers and want to be sure you are getting the best return possible. We will conduct a full review of existing pension arrangements and offer advice on whether to consolidate or change investment strategy.

Savings—There are many reasons that clients have a need to save—you may wish to save for a “rainy day”, for your children’s education, for a holiday home. Paschal Bergin & Co. can explain the options available and help you decide which product or savings policies will suit your requirements.

Protection—we advise on providing cover to protect your finances if the unexpected occurs. From mortgage protection through to life cover, we can advise on the type and amount of cover required for your peace of mind.

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Significant savings can be made if the structure of your business and its operations consider VAT implications at the outset. New and changing legislation is ensuring that VAT remains a highly technical area with onerous reporting requirements. You should consider VAT consultancy services from Paschal Bergin.