Go Shopping for Christmas Hampers & Gifts at Pandora Bell

By: Pandora Bell  05/12/2011

At Pandora Bell, we love Christmas. A chance to catch up with friends abroad, to snuggle up by the fire and of course to enjoy gorgeous food. Pandora Bell's goodies are the perfect gift for friends, family, foodies and anyone who appreciates that the best things come in sweet packages.

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Go Shopping for Handmade Lollipops at Pandora Bell

Pandora Bell's Handmade Lollipops are made in the traditional way, by stretching and rolling sugar syrup. This timeless sweet treat goes back to a time when colours and flavourings were natural. Are natural colours and flavours; to make the lollipops look pretty and taste gorgeous. Made with Natural Colours and Flavours Sugar, spice and hard candy ..


Go Shopping for Salted Butter Caramels at Pandora Bell

Succulent caramels with natural salted butter and the famous Fleur de Sel, salt of Guerande*, a favourite ingredient of the world's top chefs. Made using a Traditional French Recipe and Methods with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Go Shopping for Honey Nougat at Pandora Bell

The natural ingredients, honey, nuts and sugar, are combined to produce confectionery rich in aromas and flavours of once-upon-a-time. Made using a Traditional Italian Recipe and Methods with no artificial colours or preservatives. Pandora Bell's Honey Nougat, is made using a centuries old Italian recipe. Go Shopping for Honey Nougat at Pandora Bell.