PaceMaker / Reconciliations

By: Pacemetrics  05/12/2011

PaceMaker enables real-time reconciliation across multiple systems. 

Exceptions and breaches of the bank's defined business rules are detected as they happen and precisely identified so that effective remedial action is taken immediately, once, in a structured way. 

This provides consistent reliable approach to minimising the impact of exceptions on the bank's P&L, its risk profile and customer satisfaction levels. Downstream impacts of the initial error are eradicated. 

Specific benefits in Reconciliations 

A real-time, process-monitoring approach catches errors as they occur, not when discovered later in the day or worse still, when advised by customers. This simple point provides better control of Operational Risk, better Operational Efficiency and enhanced confidence and satisfaction with internal or external customers. The general benefits of PaceMaker are described in approach

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PaceMaker / Risk and Compliance

Real-time visibility of the entire Risk Reporting process demonstrates effective compliance procedures.


PaceMaker / Transaction life-cycle Monitoring

PaceMaker provides an end-to-end view of the transaction lifecycle offering real-time informed exception management to facilitate early remediation and swift processing of securities and payment instructions. Operators and clients to view progress of those details of the process relevant to their specific needs. PaceMaker offers visibility to management, control to operations and transparency to clients. Specific benefits of PaceMaker in TLM.