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By: Oxford Materials  05/12/2011
Keywords: business cards, display boards, Poster Displays


  • Laptop and webcam (from IT support)
  • Portable dataprojector (from IT support)
  • Polycom conference phone (from Reception)
  • Poster display boards for meetings or conferences (from IT support)

Senior staff can request complete preparation of presentations and posters, for departmental publicity and also for research purposes. Please try to give at least  one week notice.

  • business cards
  • stationary
  • publicity flyers
  • invitation cards
  • magazine adverts
  • laminating (A4/A3)
  • ringbinding (A4)

The department has a large stock of A4 glossy pocket folders suitable for compiling meeting/conference documentation to make handouts. Please make use of them where possible.

The following printed department brochures and publications exist with electronic copies on this website:

The department can provide support for the audio-visual aspects of meetings and conferences. Please talk to IT staff about your requirements.

In addition the department has a variety of free-standing poster display boards suitable for small meetings and also for larger conferences (when combined with Engineering Science and sometimes Physics).

Size: Landscape format H:90cm W:116cm (A0 posters are 83cm x 115cm)
Velcro spots (hooks) are available with the boards.

How many: For most poster displays you need two boards on-top-of-each-other per poster to get the right height for reading the posters! For maximising the number of posters we recommend using both sides of the boards arranging them zig-zig in the middle of a room, rather than around the side walls of a room. Therefore the number of boards required depends how many posters you have to display and the actual room layout. Materials has 46 boards (19 green,20 blue,8 brown,1 red!). Engineering has 29 boards & 29 empty-frames.

In order to request poster boards please contact IT staff providing information about:1) setup date/time and return date/time; 2) number of boards required (estimate plus a few?); 3) purpose e.g. title of meeting; 4) location of display (building/room) 5) your contact details.

An automatic CD copying machine enables fast production of multiple copies of CD's, subject to copyright restrictions. This service has been used for duplication of publicity CD's for Schools Liason, meeting or conference CD's (e.g. copies of powerpoint presentations).

Business cards can be produced in-house in small batches for all members of the Department of Materials (not the whole university!).

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The filing cabinets in the entrance to the library contain over 1,800 reprints of papers published by past and present members of the Department. Photocopier There is a small photocopier available in room 20.17 just along the corridor beside the library. You will find a collection of examination papers covering the past 10 years. Most recent papers are on display in a second ring binder. Past exam papers are also available from.