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We hope the information above will answer your question, but you can also or call us on 01 8300 800.

Searching for an item

The search facility can be found at the top of every page of the site, and allows you to search for an item using a keyword or item number.


item number

When searching for items using


, use words which are likely to be in the name or description of the item.

If you choose

Advanced Search

, you can also enter the colour, price range or size you are interested in, although the more search criteria you enter, the fewer search results will be returned.

It will not find:

  • Account numbers (Instead, go to ’sign in’ to access your account)
  • Information within the site, such as ’Delivery policy’ (You may instead find what you are looking for in ’Terms & Conditions’ at the bottom of each page)
Using the Quick Order Form Continue

’. The items you have requested will be displayed in a list.

Add to Bag Add to Bag and Go to Checkout

You will be informed if any of your items are out of stock or will take longer than normal to be delivered, and will be given the chance to remove these items from your order.

Before completing the

Quick Order Form

, you may also be shown several items which we think complement those you have already ordered.

Browsing through our ranges

All of the items currently available, plus many more, can be seen by browsing through the categories near the top of each page. Keep selecting the category or sub-category that interests you most until you reach a page which displays pictures of the first 15 items in your chosen category.

Adding items to your bag

All orders are subject to our acceptance. When you submit an order via our website you will immediately receive a confirmatory e-mail as an acknowledgement of your order. This e-mail does not constitute acceptance of the order by us. Acceptance of your order and the formation of the contract between you and us will take place when we despatch the goods to you.

Using Your Account Online for the First Time

sign in

’ link at the top of any page, and then select

Option 1

You only need to register your account in this way once. On all future visits, you can sign in using

Option 2

by providing your account number and password.

Registering for a new account

If you are new to shopping with Oxendales, then you can apply to open a credit account with us online. You can use this account each time you place an order, which will mean you only ever have to enter your details once, and you can view a history of your transactions with us.

Submit Using Your Account Online for the First Time


Alternatively, you may pay in full by credit or debit card at the time of each order.

Signing In

You can also select the "Remember Me" tick box which will sign in automatically when you return, to enable you to place orders quickly against your registered address. You will still need to provide your password to access your account details. We do not recommend using this option if you share a PC.

Choosing how to pay

You may apply to open a personal credit account on our website by completing the personal credit application on our site. To pay for your order made on your personal account you can either pay by Post with a Cheque, postal money order or bank draft. You may also pay through the Post Office by Billpay. Bank Customers may apply to their bank to pay by Standing Order. Simply quote your personal customer number, our bank account number and sort code as per your payment slip. AIB customers may also pay by 24 Hour Banking. Phone 1890 24 24 24 to set up the facility and quote your personal customer number. Post customers must make the cheque payable to Oxendale &Co. Limited. Write your Personal Customer number on the back of your cheque and send it to us with your completed payment slip (please post and allow at least 7 days for your payment to be delivered and processed). Credit/Debit Card customers must copy the numbers of your card and the expiry date into the boxes on your Order Form or Payment Slip, then return it to us (please post and allow at least 7 days for your payment to be delivered and processed). Alternatively, pay online by going to ’

My Account Account Balance and Payment

’ or instead call Customer Services on 01-8 300 800 and simply quote your card numbers to the operator. If you wish to pay by postal money order please make it payable to Oxendales and cross it &Co. Then send it along to us with your completed Payment Slip. You can also pay by Bill Pay. Simply go to the Post Office with your Oxendales payment slip and request payment by the Billpay Service. This service is free.

You may also choose to pay in full at the time of your order by credit or debit card.

Completing your order
Delivery of your order

Please see our delivery policy for details of expected delivery times. If you have not received your order by the expected date, please contact us with details of your account number, the date you placed your order, and the items ordered.

Returning unwanted items

You can return goods to us by post, provided you obtain a Certificate of Posting. Please see our Returns policy for further details on how to do this.

Getting a refund

Depending upon your payment method, refunds will either be credited back to your credit card, credited to your personal account or sent to you by cheque. Please see our Returns policy for further information.

Changing your account details

You can change your contact details and password easily online. Simply go to ’

Your Account

’ and select the section which holds the details you want to change. Once you have entered the new details and submitted them, the changes will take effect immediately.

Viewing your account Account Transactions

’ link. This page will display the last 6 months of transactions made on your account.

Please note that this page may not exactly match your statement. It may include transactions made after your last statement was sent, exclude unusual transactions such as ad hoc adjustments, and does not show the transactions in a way which gives a ’running balance’.

Sizing Help

For guidance on sizes please see our

Making a payment into your credit account online

To use this website to make a payment into your account, go to ‘Your Account’ and select ‘Account Balance and Payment’. Your balance will be displayed and you will be asked to select whether you are using a credit or debit card. Please enter all the required details carefully - you will be asked to confirm the amount that you have entered to ensure that you have not made a mistake. The card details and amount that you enter will then be sent via a secure link to your card provider who will authorise the transaction. A confirmation screen will be displayed. If there has been any delay in the response from your card provider, the confirmation screen will explain that we will keep trying to contact them and will update your balance once the payment has been authorised (this can take up to 3 days).

Please be assured that it is completely safe to pay over the internet with your credit or debit card, and Oxendales guarantees that.

Changing Delivery Options

When you arrive at checkout, the delivery options for your order are automatically set so that your order is delivered to your registered address by standard delivery. You can, however, choose to send the order by Express Delivery for an additional charge of €6.99. Please see our

for details of expected delivery times. If you have not received your order by the expected date, please contact us with details of your account number, the date you placed the order, and the items ordered.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Clothing Online