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By: Ovh  05/12/2011

SQL Server 2008 is the latest database management system (SGBD) for Windows Microsoft.
This version brings more security, better performances and greater ease of use for developers and administrators.

SQL Server 2008 is available at OVH in Web and Standard edition.

Web edition: best cost and upgrade-ability for your websites and internet applications

This edition, offered at €23 / month has been specially designed for the web developers needs.

With SQL Server 2008 Web Edition:

  • you increase your productivity thanks to the automation and administration tools
  • make your developments easier thanks to the integration in .NET and support for PHP and ASP applications..

Standard edition: security and features for your users

To guarantee the functioning of your system at any time, SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition has replication features and fail-over (cluster 2 nodes in mirror).

On the other hand, it gives your users analysis and report creation tools thanks to the integration with Sharepoint and Office suite.

These licenses are currently provided in English and will soon be available in other languages.

Get an SQL Server 2008 license

OVH offers the Web and Standard editions in versions (R1/R2) suitable for your operating system:

Learn more

Get the comparison between the different SQL Server 2008 editions:

*: subject to the reinstallation of your operating system

**: physical processor (socket)

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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