Outlook True Archive [OTA] - Products

By: Outlook True Archive  05/12/2011

The key product is the Windows application - Outlook True Archive.

Outlook True Archive features allow you to :

  • Select the folders you wish to archive.
  • Select mail messages by date received, date sent, date last modified.
  • Move or copy matching messages to the destination, or just delete them.
  • Preserves message received & sent time stamps in destination.
  • Create an Archive .PST file if one does not exist.
  • Select source and destination for moving mail out of / back into your main PST file.
  • Choose to include or exclude "No Archive" items.
  • Choose to include or exclude unopened mail items.
  • Preview mode allows you to see totals before performing an archive.
  • Set the archive task priority to Normal, Medium or High.
  • Export messages to a disk folder in MSG format, EML, HTML, TNEF or plain text format
  • Import messages from a disk folder in MSG or TNEF format.
  • User defined filenames for message export.
  • Update the "Last Modified" time stamp of selected messages within the PST to the original received date or sent date.
  • (Please note for Office 2010 users 64-bit version not yet supported; 32-bit works great!)

Examples of practical use

You have accumulated mail over the years. It takes longer and longer to open Outlook now. When Outlook freezes the odd time, it take a long time to re-build the file.
You want others to be able to access your mail history - maybe a PA or maybe a team in your firm. But Outlook will only allow one user to open a PST at a time.