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By: Orna Ross  05/12/2011

* Insight. * Creative flow. * Inspiration. * Perception. * Revelation.
These are not distant attainments or elite possessions. They are available to us all -- but they do require certain mental and emotional conditions to flourish.

INSPIRATION MEDITATION provides those conditions:
* emphasises the connections between meditation and creativity, encouraging insight, peace, relaxation, humour, perception and revelation to flourish.
* integrates right and left brain, sound and silence into a step-by-step structure that easily induces the meditative state.
* is highly guided, keeping you grounded throughout.
* facilitates concentration and alertness
* banishes creative block and fosters flow

As well as introducing and teaching the method, this eBook answers your general questions about meditation and about Inspiration Meditation in particular.

There's also a chapter on how meditation connects you to creative intelligence and a section on creative visualisation and conscious creation.