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By: Orl  05/12/2011

Line Audit

ORL can help to establish if all the telephone lines that you rent each month are been used. Analogue lines that have been historically used for security and remote access can be replaced by faster broadband solutions. Each analogue line costs €251 per annum to rent, each ISDN costs €390 per annum to rent, significant amounts of money can be saved by identifying redundant telephone lines.

Broadband & Internet services

Internet access is now a business critical application for most businesses, with multiple providers offering contrasting broadband and Internet services. ORL can advise on the most appropriate one for your business based on your actual requirements. Some businesses continue to pay for dial up internet services even though broadband may have been installed some time ago. ISDN lines that were designated for internet access continue to be rented and are now surplus to requirements.

Outbound calls

There are multiple providers offering discounted price plans for outbound calls from landline telephones. ORL can help identify the provider  best suited to your call pattern and call profile, we will also ensure that you are fully aware of contract terms, minimum charges, set up fees or any other terms and conditions not normally presented with the rate card.

ORL will also investigate the usage pattern and highlight areas where cost can be eliminated such as calling directory enquires and premium numbers.Our proactive account management will also identify frequently called numbers especially mobile numbers. ORL can also advise on VOIP solutions that may be an option to reduce overall cost.

Mobile telephony services

Offers great flexibility especially for non-office based employees; mobile broadband has allowed internet connectivity in remote areas and provides greater work efficiencies for employees, however mobile costs have increased significantly. ORL have delivered large savings to businesses by analysing actual usage patterns and negotiating bespoke price plans that suit our clients requirements, ORL also supply and advise on mobile hardware requirements. ORL offer bill reconciliation each month for medium and larger clients, this provides a breakdown per user of each destination called and the associated cost, this service saves time for financial controllers and business owners and also provides the key information required to control costs.

Telephone Systems – Call Recording

If you have a requirement for a new telephone system or call recording solution ORL can ensure you invest wisely, our aim is to ensure that any new purchase is future proofed and will allow you to expand your business , it is also important that any new PABX delivers efficiencies and has a fast return on investment.

There are multiple call recording solutions available with a large price variance, it is essential that all calls are encrypted otherwise the call records will not be admissible if ever they were needed to resolve a dispute.

ORL do not install telephone systems or call recording servers however we can advise and negotiate on your behalf.

Inbound Call Management Services (Ad Tracking)

This service is ideal if you are running an advertising campaign, or just want one recognizable number for your business.

You can measure through our Live Web Portal exactly how successful an advertising campaign is, and if you are getting the best value for money, or just in particular to measure the amount of calls received.

Service level agreements can be measured remotely by using the Live Web Portal, which provides real time visibility on the number of calls received, the telephone number of the caller, the length of time the customer was on hold ect.

This service provides all the functions of call centre software but at the network rather than locally on the telephone system.

Call 0818 22 23 24 to arrange a free demonstration of our Inbound Call Management Service (Ad Tracking).

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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