By: Openrules  05/12/2011

Our Services

This 2-3 days service allows you to effectively evaluate and apply OpenRules products to your project. This service can be customized and tailored to your specific needs and usually results in a working prototype.  

OpenRules, Inc. provides professional services to assist customers in developing rule-based systems. Our services cover the entire application life cycle from Rule Harvesting to Rule Automation, Testing, Consistency Checking, Deployment and Integration, Maintenance.

.  It can be done independently of what BR product you use (OpenRules or any other product).

Our trainers work together with in-house developers to bring them up to speed with OpenRules products and to lower the total cost of software development and maintenance.

Along with a solid academic background and real-world expertise in decision support area, our consultants/instructors possess hands-on knowledge of the latest software development technology.

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OpenRules® relies on proven open source tools/libraries created and maintained by different open source. Provides a suite of open source components for Rules-based Application Development. Is an Open Source Business Decision Management System.