Adempiere ERP

By: Openbiz  05/12/2011

Adempiere is one of the worlds leading Open Source ERP or Integrated Business Solutions.

So what does that mean?

Well it means that your whole business can utilize this one application sharing information, when needed, between different business areas to help the whole work more efficiently.

For example;

  • your finance staff can see if the goods related to the supplier invoice they just received actually arrived before paying.

And at the core of all this, the accounting system is working away behind scenes processing the effects of the transactions taking place.  With Adempiere your profit & loss or balance sheet reports are available at any moment! Up to date with any transactions that have occurred before the moment you select the report.

In addition, it enables you to use keep up to date and focus on your business with:

  • Use the Dashboard; providing an up to the minute  overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) applicable to the different roles in your organization.
  • Evaluate and report on Service Level Agreements (SLA) between you and your customer and/or suppliers. For example, did they ship you all Purchase Orders you placed within 3 days as agreed?
  • Manage internal & external queries and requests with automatic routing of new requests based on keywords and escalation of requests, dependent of type, when action does not happen when it should.

The Adempiere ERP provides all this and more in a business solution that can manage multiple currency, multiple organizations, with multiple warehouses and even in multiple languages.

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