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By: Onlyoutdoors  05/12/2011

OnlyOutdoors' equipment is attached to concrete foundations. The foundations are 600mm deep by at least 600mm in width and length also. These lengths and widths are often wider, as in many cases, it is necessary to manage the wear area around the piece. This depends on the traffic to and from the item.

Typically, the equipment is attached to the concrete in one of 2 ways:

The first method is to use M16 anchor bolts which are suitable for a dynamic loading. Please get in touch for our recommended specifications.

The second method is to use a base plate or a "J-strut" frame embedded in the concrete. The base plates is mounted on a post, which in total is 500mm in length. On the top, there are 4 x M16 screws welded onto the plate. These are embedded into the concrete.

Two horizontal bars are attached to the post to stop to ensure stability after the concrete cures.

When the concrete has cured with the underground system in place, the equipment is attached to the screws and bolted down.

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