Solutions for Acquirers - Regulatory, Industry and PCI compliance with Onformonics

By: Onformonics  05/12/2011

Do you know which of your merchants is at risk of a data breach?

What if you could quickly and cost effectively identify high risk merchants and take action before they suffer a data breach and expose you?

Are your large merchants and payment processors struggling with compliance?

What if you could offer them and you peace of mind with a comprehensive and cost effective solution?

Regulatory, Industry and PCI compliance a challenge?

What if you could manage your compliance and risk management programs in one place?

Why Onformonics?

By equipping your merchants and processors with Onformonics streamlined product, you will gain increased risk visibility - internal and external.

  • Define your own risk profiles and categories
  • Integrate compliance into the merchant boarding process
  • Track the compliance status of breached merchants
  • Web based questionnaires for merchants

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Solutions for Auditors

By leveraging our industry experience we have created a unique set of tools which are tailor made to meet the challenges that Qualified Security Assessors face today. Onformonics is an established provider of compliance, risk and audit management solutions with a specific focus and experience in the Payment Card Industry. Our innovative and flexible web based solutions provide the following benefits.