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By: O'neill Hearing Care  05/12/2011
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O'Neill He aring Care Clinics carry a complete range of Hearing Aids and Accessories from the three leading manufacturers:

Choosing the Best Hearing Aid for Your Needs

We carry 14 levels of fully programmable digital hearing technology that will fit any type of lifestyle - from the very active to the not-so-active. Starting at €350, up to a maximum of €2500 for Premium Plus (for a very vibrant lifestye):

(Calm Lifestyle) - suitable for home use, one-to-one conversations, watching TV, etc.

PREMIUM (Social Lifestyle) - suitable for meetings, restaurants, outdoors activities, places of worship, etc.

PREMIUM PLUS (Vibrant Lifestyle) - suitable for large crowds and gatherings, sporting events, concerts, entertainment, etc.

MAJOR REPAIRS (remakes/reshell) (€160 - €200) - no charge for minor repairs

OTICON STREAMER(FREE with purchase of any EPOQ or Dual range hearing device)

The Oticon Streamer makes a wireless hands-free connection to your mobile phone, house phone, TV, MP3 player, or computer by streaming sound to both hearing instruments and thereby improves the overall sound quality and speech-to-noise ratio. With the Streamer, you can switch from listening to music or television to answer a phone call at the mere touch of a button while still sitting in your armchair. It even works as a remote control so you can change the volume or switch listening programmes with ease. Use it when you want and where you want.

Spectacle Hearing Systems

Air Conduction Spectacles Hearing Aids

Bone Conduction Hearing Systems are used to reduce or eliminate hearing loss in the hearing canal or middle ear.

Junior Bone Conduction headband is a fully-digital bone conduction system developed specifically for children with a conductive hearing loss.

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