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By: O'malley Quirke  05/12/2011


In developing the O’Malley Quirke (OMQ) approach, we recognised that the recruiting needs of entrepreneurial organisations are different to others in many areas:

  • Role definition
    • Need to define the role based on real understanding of business drivers – not typically filling an existing post / replicating a role that exists in other organisations
  • Candidate profile
    • Balance between professional experience and personal intrinsics
    • Importance of new perspectives and diverse experiences
  • Candidate engagement (specifically for early stage businesses)
    • Many early stage businesses find it challenging to engage top calibre candidates as a result of :
      • Limited brand name awareness
      • Uncertainty regarding the businesses future
      • Limited funds available to compete on compensation

Our approach comprises of the following distinctive elements:

  • Optimise profile to deliver on business needs:  Strong experience in understanding business needs and helping clients define the profile of key business positions to deliver on key business drivers.
  • Network of current / potential entrepreneurial business leaders: Significant network of potential candidates who have the intrinsic skills required to be effective business leaders.
  • Capability to evaluate candidates based on fit with role, culture, business requirements:  Strong skills in evaluating candidates and are investing in expanding this capability. 
  • Ability to engage candidates: Strength in engaging candidates – based on our ability to understand the business and candidate, craft compelling propositions and engage meaningfully on their career planning.
  • Fee model based on client value creation:  Fee model is distinctively focused on creating value for our clients and is composed of three components:
    • Low upfront engagement fee to ensure commitment to search from client and consultant
    • Placement fee payable when successful candidate creates real value for client
      • 50% payable when candidate starts in role
      • 50% payable 12 months after start