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Wide range of cover

For simplicity and better clarity you may choose one insurance policy offering Employers, Public And Product Liability combined with material damage and business interruption.

Important Covers to be considered:

Business Interruption covers for loss of:

Gross Profit (Turnover plus closing stock and work in progress less opening stock and work in progress and the amount of the uninsured working expenses)
Gross Revenue (Money paid or payable to you as fees for services rendered in the course of the business at the premises)
Loss of Rent (Money paid or payable to the insured by tenants in respect of accommodation and services provided at the premises)
Increased Cost of Working;
Due to a reduction in turnover and increased cost of working (additional expenditure reasonably incurred in order to minimise any interruption or interference with the business)
Following loss or damage caused by any insured perils provided there is a valid material damage claim.

Directors' and Officers' Liability

Directors of all companies are now held, at an unprecedented level, to be personally responsible for any actions and decisions they make on behalf of the company - putting their personal assets at risk if those decisions are tested in the courts.
Legally, the directors of a company and the company itself are separate entities and so may both be defendants, separately or jointly, in any legal action or prosecution. To protect the personal assets of individuals and, crucially, to cover the costs of their defence, Directors' & Officers' Insurance is widely used.

Furthermore, Directors' & Officers' Insurance extends to protect the company itself, rather than leaving it to fund its own defence, thereby acting as a mechanism that also protects the value of a director's personal holding in the company.
Modern insurance policies will not simply insure directors and senior managers, but will also extend to protect all other employees too. Furthermore, the policy may be extended to include coverage for any actual or alleged employment practice violation, which might include:

  • Liability for unfair or wrongful dismissal of an employee.
  • Wrongful failure to promote.
  • Wrongful deprivation of career opportunities.
  • Failure to furnish accurate job references.
  • Discrimination or harassment on grounds of gender, race, religion or disability.

The policy period is usually 12 months and is underwritten on a "claims made" basis meaning that the insurance responds to claims first made against the company/employees during the policy period. The policy will pay up to the Limit of Indemnity, which is an annual aggregate limit, and a deductible or excess may be applied to each claim.


Having a burglar alarm system installed on the premises may entitle you to a discount.

Keywords: Insurance

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