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By: Good Company  05/12/2011

Maura, Alan & Seán with this year's Hopefuls !

“Good Company Productions” are now concluding Post Production on Feirm Factor 3 as it returns to our screens on the 16th January 2011. We’ve had “I’m a Celebrity”, “The Apprentice” and “X Factor” on our screens already in 2010 but now we welcome back one of Ireland’s Home Grown Formats for its 3rd Season on TG4. Already a huge success on TG4 and in Pre Production for Series 3 on S4C in Wales, Feirm Factor will once again travel the length and breadth of Ireland in search of Ireland’s Top Farmer.

In January 2009 the somewhat unusual farming reality series ‘Feirm Factor’ made its television debut on TG4. The success of the series beckoned for the show to return once more so early 2010 hailed a new series and another group of agricultural hopefuls willing to be put to the test. They say good things come in threes and that’s never been more evident with the arrival of another series as Feirm Factor Season 3 hits our screens now this January 2011.

In its own right “Feirm Factor” has become a beacon to Ireland’s young farmers who have availed of the series as a platform to show us the world they live in and teach us what it’s like to survive in the agricultural industry.

There are no nine to five work days, no sick leave and no quitting the business to try something new. These young men and women are required to always be on the go, never stopping and constantly dealing with an assortment of trials and situations throughout their week.

It is these trials and situations that Feirm Factor pays homage to and gives the viewer at home a look into the daily routine of the farmyard. Like Ireland’s entire workforce the Feirm Factor farmers don’t only want to do a good job, but they want to be the best. As a result Feirm Factor comes into play, allowing farmers from across the country to step up to the challenge and claim the crown themselves.

After an overwhelming response to Series 1 and 2, applicants for Series 3 flooded in, leaving ‘Good Company Productions’ with a mammoth task of narrowing down the finalist to only twelve.

Maura Derrane (Four Live / RTE) was keen to get back into gear as the show’s glamorous presenter and she is joined once again by her Co-Judges Alan Dukes (Economist & Former Minister for Agriculture) and Seán O’Lionáird (One of Ireland’s top Dairy Farmers and General Farming Expert) as they begin the Journey seeking out Ireland’s Top Farmer – Only ONE FARMER will drive home in a brand new Land Rover Discovery 4 !

Each series the judges are adamant that the winner of Feirm Factor will have all the attributes to represent the farming industry, which means putting the final twelve contestants through a vast array of tasks and wider world challenges. The challenges and tasks are tough and will compel the farmers to evaluate their own skills and experience. Series 3 will see them undertake a variety of tasks from animal handling, selling, general knowledge, machinery and business acumen to more domestic and physical skills aswell. This is just a fraction of the many assignments thrown at the contestants each week, giving the viewer an opportunity to play along or simply realise the difficulties involved in farming life.

Although the programme is set in many stunning backdrops throughout Ireland, on location in Kilkenny, Galway, Cork, Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow, an additional bit of colour is added in the form of Celebrity Guests and Judges. Series 3 has a host of stars on offer this year from Seán Bán Breathnach to Sile Seoige, Jarlath Burns and Hector to Des Geraghty and more who gladly joined the Feirm Factor family this year.

Good Company Productions would like to express as always their thanks and gratitude to Land Rover Ireland, Snickers Workwear, Barbour and Dunlop for their support for this Project once again in this 3rd Year of Production.

Feirm Factor’s new 10 part series begins at 8.45pm on Sunday 16th January 2011 on TG4.
Repeats each Wednesday Night at 10.30pm.
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