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By: Energy Solve  05/12/2011
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How Insulation Works

Why Insulate Your House?

Heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Making Insulation adjustments in your home can be relatively inexpensive, sometimes can be done by the homeowner themselves and typically has a quick pay back period. The Pay Back Period, Energy Conservation and cost reduction  will however depend on several factors:

  • Your local climate
  • Size, shape, and construction of your house
  • Living habits of your family
  • Type and efficiency of the heating and cooling systems
  • The fuel you use.

Once the energy savings have paid for the installation cost, energy conserved is money saved – and saving energy will be even more important as utility rates go up.

While Internal insulation is really a necessity for every home it does not it does not lead to an appreciable capital value of your home as does External Wall Insulation. Remember that people expect your house to be well insulated, but an externally insulated home can expect to see a commensurate capital appreciation in the value of the building.

If you contact EnergySolve we can talk you through how insulation works, what different types of insulation are available and how much insulation makes sense for your home.

Keywords: External Wall Insulation, Insulation, Internal Insulation

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Services | EnergySolve

We specialise in Consultancy services and home upgrade works, with particular emphasis on the application of External Wall Insulation. We are one of the few External Wall applicators in Ireland accredited by both the SEAI & the NSAI. Energysolve provide a range of energy efficient solutions for your home.


External Wall Insulation | EnergySolve

External insulation protects and prolongs the fabric of the building offers extraordinary rain and impact resistance and all all external insulation provided by EnergySolve comes with a 30 to 60 year guarantee. External Wall Insulation Systems are an extremely effective method of improving the energy efficiency of your home and increasing the capital value of the home itself.


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If the insulation in your attic is made from wool (fibreglass, sheeps wool, rock wool etc), is it less then 300mm thick. Do you find the house loses heat quickly once the heating is turned off.


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If you answer yes to all or the majority of these questions it would be beneficial for you to consider. If you already upgraded your insulation, was the upgrade carried out more than 5 years ago. Do you find the house loses heat quickly once the heating is turned off.


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Consequently drafts and moisture damage the insulation over time, forcing gaps and damaging the material itself. Attic insulation is traditionally designed to prevent heat loss but not to protect from wind and draft. Grant aid is available for attic insulation.


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All windows and external doors should be checked for draughts and, if necessary, draught proofed to reduce heat loss. 10% percent of heat loss of the average home happens through windows and 15% through your door. Double and triple glazing is available and heat recovery units are highly recommended. Contact EnergySolve for more info.