By: Atsr  05/12/2011

The ACETECH™ programmable ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a family of Controller Area Network (CAN) controlled units available in configurable and expandable options with multiplex and standalone capabilities. Each system consists of a fully programmable Solid State Relay (SSR) control board incorporating the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and up to 8 switch panels. All switch panels, inputs and outputs can be programmed to meet customer requirements such as time delays, latching functionality and progressive switching. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), momentary, super imposing, multi point for On/Off switching are all available.

Priority level settings can be implemented for battery management which is programmable via user friendly front end windows based software.  A unique Pre-check of systems will switch through all systems at programmed time intervals to ensure correct operation of all electrical equipment. All circuits are individually protected from overload, short circuits and/or reverse polarity by intelligent circuit sensing technology. Each circuit incorporates an LED display to indicate operation of input and output commands.

The ACETECH™ family of products have full remote diagnostics and system configuration capabilities via GPRS or GSM technology. Vehicles need to be interfaced with the ACETECH™ AVL communication technology for this functionality. Data recording and incident recording is also available through ACETECH™ AVL.